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National public radio with us clicking the tapper brothers and we're broadcasting this week from the ripley's believe it or not department here would car talk plaza and are believe it or not entry for today is a car. Talk has now been on. Npr for thirty years which is about twenty nine years. Three hundred sixty four days and twenty three hours longer than any of us thought to show last. Now we know the most appropriate way to marcus. Anniversary would be with a heartfelt apology for all those hours that you wasted with us but instead this month. We're looking back at some of our all time. Favorite moments and the theme for this week's show is relationships. It didn't take long for us to figure out that just about every issue and human relationships somehow gets expressed through cars including the first stage where relationship meeting that special someone. One eight eight eight two two seven eight two five five. Hello your car talk. This is chris in colorado springs. What's up man. My question is about how to go about meeting women and traffic. You know this can be a depressing time of your bachelor's wondering if you had any Good strategies short of having a head on or Playing bumper cars to get how to get that female that you've that you've spied through from your driver's seat to first of all notice you and then to actually roll down your window. Why would why would anyone. Why would this boy chris. This is a challenge. Wait a minute. Don't give up. No i'm not giving up. Because i tried just for years i mean. Is it appropriate at a stop light to just get out of your car and leave it there and walk around the passenger side and knock on the on the on the glass to get in no jail. That's not good. This is going to be voluntary on her apart. So either she's You have to have a car that she's interested in for example and i don't know how that's obviously why some guys go out and buy ferrari testarossa 's testimonies right and that's obviously why because it's it's kind of a car that you think women will say. Wow what's that. And i have noticed in fact this past summer i was driving a bmw z. Three on the highway with the top down and the wind blowing through my ball spun. But as i was i got enough here to almost fake it. I mean the loan around and a car full of young girls had been following me. I noticed at a distance they were in the left hand lane. Still in the right hand lane in this. Carfully young babes. Yeah is following me obviously wanted to check out not just the car but who wheel boy. I'll tell you never saw a sixty five dart move fast when they pulled up next me and found out who was driving so there is the point that you might date were they were but they wanted to see the car and when they saw the car and who was behind the wheel boy. They zoomed off on that diet. They were gone so the car. Obviously you can have. You can buy an interesting and expensive sports car well. I'll liquidate my entire stock portfolio. First thing tomorrow now the the thing that got me thinking about this was was the fact that cars are so damn reliable. These days that there aren't any damsels in distress. You know to be saved with outspoken. Down by the side of the road saved anyway because all they want you to do is call. The police dug out of your car. If you wanted to be a favor call the police on your cell phone or they have cell phones and you can't trust anybody and that's part of the problem right. Well chris i think the solution that i know. That guys like berman used for years because he could never get any girls to talk to him was a dog. The puppy a puppy dog. Especially i mean. Nothing is cuter yacht. Don't care if you're allergic. I don't like dogs. I don't care doesn't like the car very much for your cats are no good. Nothing is cuter than a little golden retriever. Furry golden retriever. Hoppy have women all over you. Wait a second. I'm cuter than a golden. I don't quasimodo. Could have a golden retriever puppy on the ends of beliefs right and christie. Brinkley would be beaten on the door of yet. Beat him trust us. We do have an interesting idea here. Though that i mean there's the positive side the silver lining to a traffic jam. Is you could meet the love of your life if you only knew how to do it. Think about people. Would you use if you were to roll down the window. What would you say to an attractive female. It's in the car next to you. Know what if what if you're lucky enough to get her to roll down kirwin better than she turned to you and smiled. Oh what would be your next step. I know has all of the american men are dying. Say next i would say My car would like to get together again with your car. And we're both invited. Bad the females in the group. Okay harrah's giving two thumbs down thirty six down. Yeah let's try again. Try another one rid traffic. Who've been in traffic you're going along bumper to bumper tumblers back and forth by turns to you she turns to you and with only spoken words. She smiles and you roll down your window and she rolls down her rolls down her window. And you say what. Chris dot com. That's it well. I think karen and catherine agree.

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