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It was embarrassing there was a flop situation i pretended he was knocked unconscious ghirma what are you got wall celebrating his touchdown dolphins julius thomas was writing a football like a bronco but it it looked like he was not writing the football iq bronco whose pornographic nature yeah okay jay cutler gyulay's thomas revenge game what was it go ahead what are you got roy the pontiac silverdome refuses to die and he tried to demolish an your explosive we want to go down it made the explosive it broke the explosives yeah makes sense what was the rent on that didn't we try and get that is a bachelor pet one year they toes we can have it for six hundred thousand dollars you are interested in buying it under a million dollars you were considering a bid the taxes goddess though rise of tax they gotta and we were we were talking about buying the land as a bachelor pat honey accelerated oh six hundred grant prank the as good as you would hope hogan three rebutted hashtag pontiac silverdome if you really are dotted with hitches call kogan altair doubt down a building again brother or skip mike what are you got what are you got minds boring because we talked about it but again marcus peters through a penalty flag into the stands was ojected came back onto the field in full uniform missing his socks for no reason it's been explain to me yet blue this is great all of this to her great us what do you have rodney harrison wagging a finger at ground for dirty play.

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