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And if he didn't he's initiated this sort of consultation, which on one hand, you can kind of understand because precise that difficult cutting identifying who the key stakeholders other he could or his government could actually engage with what are his critics saying he should have done differently. If at all because one of his criticisms is that he's been a little too lofty. He's not engaged with a public. The let's not forget not that long ago. Voted him rather enthusiast ikley into office. What's the suggestion that he should be doing differently? Do the opposition have to suggest something else? And they just have to Chrissy to get some critics, and that's all well, let's that's what's happening anyway. So what what they say is that you know, is that what you should have done before. Which is of course, not helpful. But what she should should you. Now, they said that he should have listened to you the people earlier than you should be more respectful to the people a few days ago your ear against president micro against that. Frankly, Paul lost the sense of effort, which of course, didn't go. Well, so they're saying what you should do is try to be some try to be so not so scornful anymore to the French people. But I don't say that's what you should. Absolutely. That's the solution. I think you should think about there's no I mean, the debate is not as intelligent as a start. I guess at the moment. It's more the French people the year of s than the others were trying to say something to the president the prime is as you said, there's no no career directory in a way in this yellow. Vast movement some say, they are presentative. But when they just put the head above the parapet they just being taken off because they did universe. Don't want to have representatives. Meaning that the message and the way the thing that they would want the president. Did you do doesn't basically reach the executive? So it's a bit of a mishmash of everything position is in disarray is no official position. You don't know if it's the right the left or the centre riders the opposition to the to the president that doesn't help. Because of course, when you're your position the best thing to do is not to be precise. So you should you have as much as you can and the universe movement. Even have a, you know, a voice to say what they want. So at the moment America McCall is evolving in void in a way and trying to do the best c-can, and it's very very important moment for for him. Because if he fails in that he might be used the word very in very interesting. He might. Impotant meaning that he could be an impotent president and not being able to do anything much for the rest of his mandate. So it's very very important and doesn't really help that there's no clear feedback coming from the population woman frustating stuff Marie? Thanks for joining us. That was our friend Mary beyond joining us hair on the briefing. Now, let's take a look at what else is making news today. Canadian national convicted of attempting to smuggle drugs out of China has been sentenced to death Robert Lloyd Schellenberg received the sentence following an appeal against his previous fifteen year. Custodial term observers have linked the increased penalty to going dispute between China and Canada relations have been frosty since Canadian authorities arrested Mang when Joo chief financial officer at telecom giant Huawei last month. Meanwhile, a Saudi Arabian teenager who took to social media to plead her case for asylum from Bangkok hotel room last week has arrived in Canada Ralph half Mohammed Al Cunanan fed fled Saudi Arabia barricading himself in our toll room in Thailand. Following a ruling from the U N High Commissioner of refugees, she's been granted refugee status and with the United States government shutdown in its twenty four day. US President Donald Trump was forced to order in for -ception, welcoming the national college football champions, the president ordered more than three hundred burgers as well as pizza and fries. Is blaming the partial government shutdown for the lack of catering staff at the White House. This is the briefing a monocle twenty four. The new February edition of Monaco magazine is out of this very week. It's how fit lean.

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