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So I think they're going to keep both doing Daniel. Darren Lee Anthony Hitchens Damian Wilson. That's four blocks. I think Ragland stays. So I don't know if I'm spending my next one on another non special teams player. So I guess it would come down to tout shoe verse raglan because that's your non special teams line. And neiman? So like neiman's probably making the roster's the special teams. And then there's guys like Gary Johnson that if they show up I would could push for a spot. Oh, my are we. Sure Regine wagons, making the Rosser. A really good problem to have is a real problem to have. And I'm not sure, but I think that I would lean towards keeping Ragland over a backup Sam, that is only gonna be a do we think that attach is going to be a better pass rusher that Amy the defensive ends on the roster. No, these. What am I using him four? Okay. So if Damian Wilson gets hurt who's your Sam? Then you have then you have to figure it out. I agree. But I don't know if teams going to carry a backup saying linebacker that can't doesn't really play special teams. Argument for moving on for Reggie. Keeping a backup guy that plays twenty percent of the snaps and doesn't play specially you would have to play special teams, you'd have to have special teams value. If you are going to beat out Damian, we'll at least rag in my thought process, he starting he's playing a certain set of stabs, or to me doesn't have a does have a set of snaps that he's gonna get unless he beats Damian Wilson. Yeah. He's purely insurance or to spell a defensive end in a blowout. I don't believe he got league minimum though, a right didn't he get a little bit? Let's open competition between him Damian Wilson if you me. I just think that Damian Wilson is better in the coverage aspects..

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