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It is time to get up with the cowboys. That sound you heard last night was their offense crashing back to Earth in New Orleans. What happened and what does it mean? We'll start there. Plus Patrick still perfect but he took a road less traveled to get there. Is Everything still up to date aimed Kansas City. We'll show you and then Baker Baker. Mayfield in the browns answered their critics including the one sitting here. Was this the game that changes the narrative of the entire franchise. It's a fun. It's time to get up from New York. City delighted that you are here what the master-motivator Rex Ryan. Can I get a little bit the credit yes. We have brainstormed our new feature here on get up. It's going to be called overrated as hell. We got lots to get through this morning we we will get to the browns and Baker and all of that I promise but if he didn't stay up late last night here's watching missed Dak Prescott and the cowboys take it on Teddy Bridgewater and the saints in New Orleans under two minutes to go in the half cowboys Danny going forward. I didn't like the decision to go for the punted but at the end of the day to me this look like Zeke elbow his down before that ball out cues play in this game they would rule it down. They would not overturn Saints Kick Field Goal New Orleans at nine three at the half third quarter so now cowboys that's like Joe Far and away their best drive right you get a little temple collection. Pass it the ball down the scene and leaves the Zeke Elliott who actress thirty five yards rushing on eighteen carries but Dallas ten nine league now Alvin Kamara rex. Where's the tackling yeah. That's a good question here. I will say this that banderas showed up their defense defense played well enough to win but not not so much offensively Kamara making people mace avoiding tackles on the saints would want him taking a twelve ten lead on a field goal. Kamara mar seventeen carries sixty nine yards now under two minutes ago Saint at the cowboy thirty one is bridgewater on a big third down the real don't do it. This is the number one thing in this moment that Teddy Bridgewater could not do take a second go out of field. Goal Range gave the cowboys light saint plump. The cowboys deepen their on territory. Though here. We go conduct a hero folded. New Orleans pass rush all over story the Game Greenie this New Orleans Saints Defensive Line whooped up on the dominant cowboys offensive line. They would win a lot of those battles now on a third twelve decades and alive. That's Amari Cooper up the sideline so here we go you see time remaining seventeen seconds. This is a third and twenty they find Randall Cobb with the middle. Are they going to get up and spike spike in time to get one more chance. The answer would be yes but look into Orleans. They pressure the quarter. Melons did an outstanding job here bringing blitz forcing this ball to get out of hand so quickly that he couldn't push it downfield far enough for the Hail Mary who saw this as a defensive struggle the Saints Win Stevens played a game you know they they gave us a chance and we didn't hold up but Kandla those guys that we've got a great team. there's no confidence loss loss with this with this loss. I can promise you that there's a lot of things that will take from this that will learn from it will become a better team because of it and that's the the most important thing the Dallas cowboys probably have the best offensive line and football how did New Orleans due to them what they did show that that's what's amazing and and when you look at it. I'm going into that game. Thinking Dallas has got this and you've got a backup quarterback. This Saints Defense Twenty eighth ranked in the League. They got this thing and they got three all pro offense alignment on the field man. They got just whipped up front but it shows you how a team in can feed off the crowd in feed off the fact that he looked. You know what we're pros and we're going to attack the line of scrimmage. I give credit to Dennis Allen. He had a heck of a plan in here and you know look. I've been real critical of him in the past but I gotta give it to them here. They they played really well. Let's talk about that plan on the other side. The young genius Kellen Moore didn't look so good yeah. I think it's interesting. This is the first time they've run into any adversity. Everybody knows Dak Prescott Arizona his money tour right now looking for one hundred million to I three weeks albeit against great competition has been fantastic for Daqing Kellen Moore who the Dallas cowboys have been looking to the offense coordinator for some years now. Dan told the stories about Kellyanne more breaking his ankle in the cowboys keeping him there just so that he can be offensive coordinator now. They're finally running into a little bit of adversity. He looks like a twelve year. Hold on the sideline. Will we be able to handle it as he and his good friend. DAK ARE GONNA get questioned all week because the Saints Defense gave them fits Mr Orlov. Dan Let me be more specific perfect. He said they've played against not great competition. They bid against the giants the Redskins and the dolphins those three terrible defenses. Is it possible. Dallas was to steal a phrase overrated rated as hell took five minutes. No not at all listen last night to me comes down to two things for the cowboys offense first of all really really bad on third down and it started from the first third down at the game against this New Orleans Saints Defense where the cowboys start with the ball and then they get into third down. New Orleans wants wants to show pressure okay and so that makes deck at the line of scrimmage. I gotta change the play so removes. Zeke out. I'm going to change the plate now. Look at New Orleans. They're gonNA check to decks check and this story. The game early on deck sees it. He makes the check. New Orleans checks to him and then this is going to lead to stay short little completion. Zeke come up and make the tackle. They dropped eight in coverage. We saw the next same exact situation the very next third down so to me. This is a team that New Orleans had a better a plan for what Dallas wanted to do. Defensively or offensively on third down the cowboys ran fifty four plays last night fifty four they average running sixty five think of ten more plays would have done that offense but they couldn't. They couldn't stay on the field on third downs yeah Ebola. You're right. That's that's a story of every game it comes down to Red Zone Efficiency Agency in third down efficiency and they had none of it yesterday so well lots also. Let's not get crazy. Ticker for the saints showed up in a big way whenever you're there's. There's just winning games for you. While drew brees is sitting on the sideline. They're playing teddy. Bridgewater strength a little bit shorter balls. They're just waiting for get back. The saints could be a team directly. It's actually a very good point a step back and go big picture on that sermon at the saints when they lose drew brees. We're thinking oh no they have. Seattle and Dallas back to back weeks. They win both those games and look at the cowboys. They woke up Thursday morning on the verge verge of putting away the NFC east philly was at Green Bay. That was a lose a game. They had this one here. They figured to win now. All of a sudden that division looks very interesting Dallas Green Bay this week can filling gets the jets so the NFC East became a very interesting pitch but this is what we said coming into this season that the parody in the NFL was so wide this season and and we're not going to have divisions figured out before mid-december. It's going to be great for fans well. There's only one thing you're supposed to be able to count on and that is Patrick. mahomes throwing touchdowns for Kansas City L. How did that workout yesterday. Spoiler alert and chiefs the Battle of the UNBEATENS and we pick this one up in the third quarter which by the way could have been sponsored by Butterfinger a finger Matt Stafford here to back the it looks like a touchdown catch. Tagalog aid is not this is the story that game the Great Throw Matt Stafford just a missed opportunity for the lions just a little bobble by Golladay okay they get another play and they'll have another opportunity at this thing unfortunately Matt Stafford trying to extend the play and fumbles. They're really what happens here. L. Is he's trying to make a play on third and goal and he's switching hands and once he switches hands loses control the football points off the board the chiefs recover that ball later on the third butter fingers all game five fumbles in this quarter alone including this one. Kerryon Johnson tries to stop it and loses it and this is really a fourteen point swing right because because that was I down your thirsting goal. You're going in on the one yard line. You've got at least two more opportunities and then the coroner brilliant picks it up and and runs it ninety nine yards the other way for the touchdown so massive fourteen point swing in this game heartbreaker eighty second lines fumble inside the five yard line onto the fourth quarter we go mahomes on the Rhine and exactly how they designed this. This isn't traditional scrambled to your right back across the body book and later on and when you're out there shady just throw your hand up just in case but then mahomes doing mahomes shoddy punches one and then Daryl Williams here from one yard the chiefs backup by four thirty-six slept in the game same score. It's the lions and finally staffer golladay connection works. This is a great Klay. Matthew changed the route at the line of scrimmage and watch the feet by Golladay yeah right. They're great athleticism to drag that left foot across the boundary outstanding. Throw better catch pat. Mahomes said they took away my opportunity did he get throw but I saw the lanes that we saw here on fourth down. Look at this five flats speed get loose this is this is the growth of the home that he goes from great throwers quarterback later later on the drive. It's Williams that punches it in keep in mind as Greenie said Mahomes didn't throw a passing touchdown snapped a streak of fourteen consecutive games with multiple passing touchdowns he was going after Peyton Manning's record with that being said. How would you assess what you saw from the chiefs yesterday. We'll listen to me. Patrick mahomes yesterday goes. We know he's a great quarterbacks right yesterday. He graduated way too winner because great players when they don't have their best stuff and sometimes your best stuff isn't about how you're playing. It's about how the defense is playing against you. When you don't have your best stuff can you find a way to still win the football game and that's on the home did and it was with his legs in situations where the lines were playing so so much coverage and there was nowhere to throw the football he figured out the only way for me in my football team is to win. This game is for me to make some plays. Did my feet to there's the graduation tiger woods was great at this win the big moments or win the big games are golf events. When you do enough your stuff Patrick Mahomes one yesterday on their own without his best stuff yeah. I think I can piggyback off what Orlowski said their homes in that rarified air with. Tom Brady's the the Aaron Rodgers that drew brees whenever I was playing peyton manning where they left them too much time it was almost like everybody in the country that was watching that game new with two minutes and twenty seconds ends left in the game with Pat Mahomes getting the ball back with the super genius with the Mustache. Andy Reid getting a chance to design some place for them. Yes big-play sleigh. Wasn't there for the Lions yes. Danny Amendola is out. Yes the lions played them hard and to the ropes but everybody knew whenever Pat Mahomes got that ball back his love of ketchup his love of incredible playmaking making ability on fourth and eight extending the.

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