Producer, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To kick the can down the road late amendment he just slurred mr producer it must be mentally ill that he slur i think he slurred i think he's mentally deranged and he needs a full psychiatric reveal i could have sworn he slurred a word and by the way the corn rose on the top of a jewish guys had no offence looked pretty odd to me especially in his case what's with that it's like a straight line across your far head of people oh he was never bald all right go ahead while bipartisan majorities would have likely support is something close to the dream act was president trump who turned his i'll i'll add now h the dream act all which so dreamy the dream act in my dream act is this guy resigns that's the dream act as far as i'm concerned now bernie sanders who loves america loves everything about america bernie sanders he's on mslsd today and by the way it's the same networks the give these fools voice cnn msnbc msnbc cnn cnn msnbc and of course he's question by andrew mitchell adiwinoto she was still around uh i thought she was running a popcorn stand at the redskins game cut four go democrats cling to give up a leverage they have and agree to a short term continuing wherever resolution now stop this is supposed to be a question because she the way she she intones democrats going to give up whatever leverage they have and agreed to a short term concerning resolution and push this down of february and other are you going to give up your negotiating chip are you going to allow the republicans to get away are you going to allow trump to get away with this are you are you are there oh i'm not going to.

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