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And My zooms co host Giles. Warning Giles. Morning reporting for duty Sir Madame I'm not quite sure what they say because we're going to be in the army. Now we're having a military episode. We aren't why we have had so many people requesting this is a subject for podcast including David, tally Brian. Lebron. Lionel Janes many more. So yes, we're going to take a closer look at the man. I should just say such a huge subject the. In terms of his impact on language that we are going to concentrate on the army for this podcast but we are going to return and sent me cover submariners the navy eminent women said, we will return do you have military connections your family? Well, imagine your grandparents would have served in the war. Yes they did and my dad was in the area. And he was an air traffic controller and he will he served in Gibraltar which is a partner nightmare for landings and takeoffs so and very practical from that point fee. It's a nightmare. I mean if you all of the you actually land over the main road, they closed the road while the Anna. Planes Land it's one of those places anything. About you I. E Yeah. Well, my grandfather was in the Indian army So he was as British person in the Indian Army. And he until nineteen, forty seven and he came home to retire my father was in the army during the Second World War I have a son who is in the Army I have a son in law who? Is in the army and indeed now actually runs a military charity, but I had a fascinating experience. When my son was at Sandhurst. Did some officer training and we went to the parade where they all when they graduate and I was following the head of Sandhurst of the commanding officer and the Young Female Cadet officer who had won the sort of honor that year And I was walking behind him and the the young woman who had won the Boehner she said to the commanding officer what do I do with the.

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