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Roger Bacon, Mueller LaSalle. Alter. All of these schools are functioning. They're in business without incident. What is different between elder And west high, other than the obvious elder is functioning there in classes West Tai is out. There's no education happening. Do not believe that remote learning has anything anything to do with learning. There is no education going on. Nor has there been any for about a year and most urban schools, causing those kids to fall farther and farther and farther. And father behind. So now the crime will become more money must be spent. We got to spend more money that confiscatory real estate taxes in the city, Cincinnati or sufficiently high. And the teachers don't want to teach. The parents want to be in school. You heard Nicole Frederick about an hour and a half ago. If there was a vote taken among the actual teachers, they would say We want to be in school. That's where we're the safest. The most dangerous place for kids to be is out of school, according to the CDC, and all scientists. From Barrington. Who, uh Anthony Fauci did the World Health Organization American Medical Association. Whatever it is, the safest place to be is in school, but Cincinnati absolutely refuses. Refuses in the school board. The seven members must go along with him. It is ridiculous. It is absurd. So gleaning from today's message is that in Kentucky and Michigan, controlled by leftist they want to shut down today, Governor a. Gavin Newsom. Of California said, Shut it all down. He's prepared real soon, maybe tomorrow or Saturday Sunday to shut down the state of California as Florida and Texas. Continue to proliferate business and living their lives. Well, the 1% of the American people is three point 3,000,001 10th of 1% of the American people is 330,000. That's 1/10. Of 1% is threatened 30,000 Right now. The deaths in America about 260,000 well under 1%, and of the 1% up to 70% are a nursing homes, long care facilities or elderly? That does not mean those folks should die. It means that it is something targeted to a particular population. The rate of death among those under the age of 18 covert 19. Is 1/6 of the regular seasonal flu 1/6 of the flu. So by shutting down schools you're acknowledging That somehow covert, which is 1/6, the death rate fatality rate of seasonal flu for that group of Americans is somehow trumping science and trumping medicine. It is absurd. It is ridiculous to crash the American economy well, especially when Vaccine, either from Madonna or from Fizer is on the horizon. I saw a graphic a Chiron on Fox News. But by February 1st 100 million Americans will be vaccinated by February, 1st, which is what about seven weeks from now? He's going to proliferate and the problem by March in April, it's going to be non existent as it is flourishing as it is strong, well under 1/10 of 1%. Of Americans have died of this particular virus under 1/10 of 1% and the great majority of those or a nursing homes. If you're the one affected every now and then is an outlier. Some healthy 30 year old catching it and dying. That's an outlier. We should deal upon facts, law and evidence and upon science, not upon hyperbole and fears. CPS traffics in fear. And then blaming others for their own inadequacies and their own mistakes. Don't get it. I don't understand it. I never will. And we're crashing the American economy for no obvious reason. Control of the population is the central tenant of leftist policies. When control has exercised through social programs, checks in the mail or hysterical health guidelines, Big government regulations, liberty and freedom are ignored. And it is consolidating now that Joe Biden has won the election. Joe Biden has won the election and allegedly, is the president elect. And I would note that That a tweet of Senator Rand Paul has been flagged. As baseless because he ran. Paul claims that there was some votes that were counted fraudulently. In the last election, Twitter has flagged that Has no fraud. And the last election you've got to be kidding me. You've got to be kidding me. And so if that philosophy, which is exhibited by the governor Wittmer and Michigan and Bashir in Kentucky And also California and Prince, sir and Ellen Oy is employed across the country. My God, Are we in trouble? Because right now there's a bite for cation between the haves and the have nots. They have nots or small business owners. Have nots are entrepreneurs, the halves of those who invest in the stock market and the leftist we're going to control the Biden administration. They went diversity. Finding it is race. I think diversity is also where you come from and how you think. You think someone like Clarence Thomas would be described as diverse? I don't think so. You gotta be. You know the right color with the right political viewpoint. Say, short break. In fact, we have full lines, of course. And on the other side, we may go to the fastbreak and 513749 £7000.700. The new 18 t. The takeaway is there'll be more tomorrow, but there's no southwestern. How counties Have turned purple, which is public emergency on all of the Southwestern counties remain Level three, which is very high exposure. We kind of know what to do to avoid it. We know what groups of Americans are attacked by it. Let's react with coach and intellect and planning and using science is our guide post, not fear. Andy Bashir is trafficking in fear. Not to allow the students. A cup of CAF High school are Covington, Latin. Newport, Central Catholic to go to high school or Middle middle school when they're not at risk is despicable, and I'm very happy to help either Daniel Cameron. Or Rob Sanders to run in 2 Ft. Of philosophy of government that says, we know best sit down and shut up. Let's continue. You want to call in 513749 7000 would take a short break. Then your calls next term of the Reds and the Bangles and across town shootout news radio 700 wlw. The following is a test of your comprehensive ability. Please pay attention.

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