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Speaker of the House of the state of Ohio and four other defendants. For racketeering in relation to what is likely the largest bribery. Money laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people. The state of Ohio U. S attorney for the Southern District of Ohio David DeVillars this afternoon as House Speaker Larry Householder and four associates were arrested this morning in connection to a $61 million bribery case involving House Bill six. Hey, Bela for two nuclear power plants in the state, the past in the Legislature and was signed into law. Former Ohio Republican chair Matt Gorgeous Neil Clark wants S Pittis and householders political advisor Jeff Long stretch where the others taken into custody by federal officials. Householder was charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering. He could face up to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000. A woman who allegedly shot to Franklin County deputies this morning then hit inside her. Columbus home is now in custody to members of the SWAT team were trying to take the suspect into custody for a mental evaluation when she opened fire and then retreated into the house. The deputies were shot in the leg and are expected to recover. The suspect was taken into custody after climbing onto the roof of her home. The four Toledo City Council members arrested in a Brize for votes Scheme haven't indicted on new charges announced today. Yvonne Harper, Larry Sykes, Gary Johnson and Tyrone Riley face counts of conspiracy and extortion. Kevin Mitchell, local attorney accused of taking part in the scheme, also now facing conspiracy and extortion charges. Harper Sykes, Johnson and Mitchell were set to appear before a federal judge via video conference this afternoon, but it was postponed every report that new charges will be filed. Ohio SCENE 1047 to cover 19 cases today with 30 new deaths. I'm Sean Gallagher. From around town world Your next headline Update happens at the bottom of the hour on NewsRadio, 6 10 W. Hi, Delilah here with an important message about a growing danger on our nation's roads. I'm sure you've read the labels about not operating heavy machinery after taking medication. Guess what a car. Even a small one is pretty heavy machinery using common prescriptions it over the counter drugs like allergy, cold and flu and sleep medications can impair safe driving. The bottom line is the risk of a crash increases with use of many over the counter and prescription drugs. Unfortunately, the number of motors driving under the influence is growing along with the risk of a deadly crash. It's not only dangerous but driving while impaired by any substance. Is against the law. Violating state DUI laws.

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