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How do you know he didn't care about the law because he did it anyway. He tried to buy a firearm was told no so we went around engaged in an illegal sale. The fact that it was private is relevant. If i can hat tip david harsanyi on twitter harsanyi made a great point on twitter notice how with the liberal this is excellent. Excellent verdict is in excellent point david harsanyi joe when someone buys crack in the street and a private sale yeah. Do you refer to that as a private crack sale. I was in a legal sense. You know what goes it was a private sale crack. It was an illegal drug by yeah. Yeah we need the street. You saw them crack without a better chance legal against the law. The criminals don't care at the guy who sold the drugs doesn't care the guy bought the drug. They don't care okay nor did this. Guy i did not engage in a private gun sale. It was an illegal gun sale. They're only using the term private sale because they want to reinforce this image edge that there's this major loophole yet these people and if we just fixed it by another law it would stop people there. Already is a law. If you're a prohibited possessor you cannot buy and you cannot loan prohibited possessory firearm. She just don't care reinforcing my point from the beginning that gun laws. I don't work probably just as poorly as drug laws. Don't work the differences. There is zeh public good to owning a firearm to protect yourself. There is no public good from smoking crack none. No i don't make a strong case drug ugh laws. Do i mean that's a whole other. Show up feedback on it but but that's a we don't have the time for this here but at least with crack. It's a very difficult for coach documents to make like you know what it's good for way loss. Not you know it's a really awful thing and in a plague on our society -iety owning a firearm is not right people protect themselves their property areas that have a second amendment edmund based laws and regulations. You see lower property crime rates. 'cause people don't want to break into a house where the owner could defend themselves. Oh my gosh if you just would awaited but they can't reporting. It was a private sale. The private crack sale asst. I know you understand the others. Are we do the show like a common evergreen. Themes has always been to point out to you the narrative you've so you see it now whenever you see on twitter on facebook. It was a private sale your first question should we was illegal. Yes it was so why is it. Why does it private matter. What's the it doesn't matter. What does that add to the story. It was an illegal gun sale. It'd be no different than if a gun owner in a gun stores n._f._l. Sells a gun to a guy who's a prohibited possessor. It was a gun store sales. It wasn't illegal sale. Go down didn't matter. It doesn't doesn't matter criminals don't care framing..

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