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His seasonhigh in trouble doubles was seven last year he had thirteen do you think that was random or because russell westbrook created the narrative that tripledoubles matter pun away wanted lebron james work on his free throws so much this offseason two years ago he shot 31 percent on threes now he's shooting forty two percent 17 assists 3point shooting better doubles his triple doubles what are we know that the braun does all the time he does it on twitter and social media instagram he sends messages you do realise 17 assists last night for the bronze was a message it was a message to james harden and the voters for the mvp you do realise when he doubled his triple doubles last year it was a message the russell westbrook and all the voters assists free throws threes things forwards don't do the braun sending the legal message celtics westbrook harden durant with 3's i can do anything you guys can do at the same level you can't do what i can do last night lebron had 17 assists the jihadists i'll play you a couple of dg knows how fancy they were how we made them spectacular here's a couple of it wasn't just random the good don't wait until the two delivered a girl it comes around june looks of tailor ran into a carry ons was needs it gets it on mccain word with a new deal run with fourteen dimes now we could fill up the perky be near fear.

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