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Docks to the east river where we see a barge underway it is a winter scene you could see a little bit of snow on the ground the air is heavy with cold you can see that the that the smoke coming out of the funnel of the barge its just hovering above the barge it's not even it's not moving very very quickly the barge itself so so all that steam is just basically drifting slowly upwards everything has this very very cold still look about it off to the left you see a group of people beautifully painted by bellows huddled around one of those cans there's a book otis cans with a fire going on inside trying to stay warm and just people milling around some broken down fence work because it's a construction site a couple of trees that look like it could have been described in all quiet on the western front is being maybe the two last living things and noman'sland it this is a noman'sland but up above we see the new fifty ninth street bridge which you can still see today it's the it's the ed koch queensboro bridge but it was a technical marvel in its day again this is almost like the lackawanna valley from eighteen fifty six by georgia and that's where we see how time is changing the present we now say the new subsuming the old in the tenement though it's lone survivor there with dignity people still living in it or maybe squatting it is just a beautiful painting in all its ugliness it's one of those things that is it's it's a painting that makes you say oh my god look at this the spoliation of the landscape but in its own way it's also a very beautiful building just look at the color of the east river i don't think the east river is look that beautiful on its best day on your best visit to new york city it is absolutely gleaming with blue and white accents and everything very very clean looking everything else looks pretty industrial in pretty going toward the grungy it's a beautiful painting on the less.

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