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Know Useful Morton, I'm going to call. Off The wedding rehearsal. My, dear, it's only seven thirty I'm going to call off the wedding to. Can't call off now. I took my. Boy Go out in the kitchen with Birdie out there comedy. Come in here with you. I'll never get married. I'll never trust another man as long as I live. Be Fair something must have happened to the boy what happened. He got cold feet. Leroy go out and sit in the front porch, sitting on the front porch. Go sit there some more Alpha corns. STARTED, when I walk into walked into this room when Rocco saw me and Los Terrible Clo-. When he went down to the depot and saw that, but bathing beauty largely Bronco wouldn't leave you. I wish I knew all. I know my ears at Bronco up show. He wouldn't push you aside for bathing suit dial face. Marjorie if you say that once. Met Marjorie, any word Mr Bronco not a word Birdie. Omits. This is the end uncle mort. I don't care what anybody else says. I'm never gonNA speak to Bronco Again, never going to see him again. Marjory I'm going to pack up and leave. How go to Washington and be a census taker Just. Don't try out of anything I'm through. Walk. Up Everybody. Scott, what's that? Mr Gildersleeve! On here Bronco Marjorie, it's. A large Circle Thompson. What happened to you? Goodness, Sake, look at your close by you look like you've fallen into a threshing machine I had to crawl out a window. Cry Out a window, Oh you. Take, it easy module Ronco Thompson. Where is that Blonde Blonde Oh Hazel? O.? She and her husband and the two children went to a hotel. See. I was right all the time. Rock aware of you've been. Been I've brought your uncle's car back and drove it in and I was sitting there for a second thinking and somebody locked the garage. The Garage Ronco Baby. If you've been in the garage time, yeah I yelled and yelled, but it's way back there. Nobody heard me all Bronco. You poor darling yeah. Yeah. PUT The dinner on! Broncos, back for the wedding. Folks startup the merry-go-round again. A..

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