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With a four eighty nine on base percentage and a seven forty three slugging percentage the o. p. s. there is one point two three two absolutely locked it. He hit seventeen home. Runs and had fifty. Three rb went in one hundred games for boston. He had twenty home runs and sixty eight so almost topping his numbers there and half a season. I mean october. He was just as good. He reached base at a ridiculous six. Sixty seven clip. He had four home runs against just a few pitchers who actually pitched to him and ultimately fell to the phillies in the nfc. Yes but man was manny ramirez good for the dodgers and no eight. After he was traded. There he came back in nine once again but no eight. During his time he was absolutely lights out. The next one is fred mcgriff. The braves acquired him in nineteen ninety three. They traded vince more. Donnie elliott and melvin names to the padres firm griff. They were in second place in the nfl. West eight games back before ultimately winning the national league west by one game and they lost to the phillies. That year in the nfl is well but in. Nineteen ninety-three is time in atlanta mma griffith three ten on base percentage. Three ninety two slugging. Six twelve he had nineteen home runs fifty five. Rbi's which was more than his time in san diego that year. He was good in the playoffs as well and just fantastic for atlanta of course re-signing there and moving on but after that trade. He was excellent coming down the stretch. Another one by the astros carlos beltran they acquired beltran. The as got octavio dough. Tell the royal scott mark. Mike wooden john buck back in two thousand and four. The astros went from fifth place in the national league. Central seven games back saint louis and ultimately won the. Nfl wildcard that year by one game. They did lose in the postseason in the nfc to the cardinals but it was at no fought of beltran who during his time in houston to fifty eight but he had twenty. Three home runs and fifty three. Rbi's three sixty eight on base five fifty nine slugging percentage the two thousand and four postseason. He had clutch hitting hitting with runners in scoring position. He hit four home. Runs in the nfl ds that year to reach the nlc. He hit a home. Run in each of the four games in the in the nfl. Cbs before. Losing to the cardinals. I mean eight home runs in the postseason that year. He was absolutely fantastic and locked in at number four. I have lou brock of the st louis cardinals. The cardinals traded ernie brogue. Leo doug clemens and bobby shantz to the cubs for brock jack spring and paul toth. This was in one thousand nine hundred sixty four. They were in eighth place in the national league and after the trade they won the national league by one game and went on to win the world series lou brock sixty four after the trade to saint louis c. Hit three forty eight had a three eighty seven. On base percentage of five twenty. Seven slugging percentage. He hit twelve home. Runs had forty four r. b. is he only had two home runs and fourteen. Rbi's for the cubs. Before that. i mean they got the best of both worlds came back won the pennant and ultimately went on to beat the mickey mantle lead yankees in the world series and of course brock ended up in saint louis for the next fifteen years of his career so he certainly turned out long-term but short term is well going from eight games back in the national league to winning the world series next i have. Cc's abacha to the brewers. The brewers traded matt laporta zach jackson rob bryson and michael branly to the indians for c. Sobat the up. The brewers went from third place in the national league central four games back of the chicago cubs to ultimately winning the national league card. By one game they did lose in the nfl ds that year to the phillies so two thousand and eight manny ramirez to the dodgers and see sebastian to the brewers. Both of them were fantastic but neither of them could end the phillies. That year sobat made seventeen starts for the brewers after the trade going eleven two with a one six five era. He threw seven complete games. During those seventeen starts. He had three shutouts in one hundred and thirty innings only allowing six home runs. He had twenty five walks to one hundred twenty eight strikeouts and what makes it even. More impressive is his urine in cleveland that year and eighteen starts. He was six and eight with a three eight three year so he was absolutely a difference maker. He propelled him to the post season basically by himself. Seven complete games. Three of them shutouts. He finished in the top six. Both cy young as well. As mvp voting that year he ultimately did lose his start to the phillies in the postseason. Of course to walk to brett myers and then the home run by shane. Victorino that's forever etched in. My memory is a phillies fan. But oh my goodness i. It was just electric to watch. C c sabathia down the stretch the last two here. I have our ricky henderson being acquired by the athletics. The as traded greg dayrit eric plunk in lewis. Pola nia to the yankees for ricky henderson. This happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the as were in first place up by two games but ultimately won the al west by seven games and went on to win the world series. So ricky henderson and eighty nine for the as he hit two ninety four had a four twenty five on base percentage four thirty eight slugging percentage but he stole fifty two bags in eighty five games. He also had seventy walks to only thirty nine strikeouts. Nine home runs thirty. Five rb is in sixty five games for the yankees only twenty five steals. He was sitting to forty seven. He had three home runs. Twenty two. rbi's so he was. He was perfect as their leadoff hitter. Turned into the best leadoff hitter in baseball as it was over for the rest of the league. Fifty two steals in eighty five games after a four twenty five on base percentage man. He he was just a menace on the base fast for oakland. And then the last one. I have here is david justice to the yankees in the year. Two thousand the yankees traded ricky. La- day jake. Westbrook zach day to the indians for david justice. They were in second place in the american league east. Three games back of toronto. They ultimately won the american league east by two and a half games and went on to win. The world series in two thousand injustice was a huge part of that for his time in new york. He hit three zero five three ninety one on base five eighty five. Slugging percentage twenty home runs sixty. Rbi in just seventy eight games. This was up from a to sixty five average with cleveland. So he was unbelievable. The yankees needed some left-handed pop in their lineup. And justice was just the guy to do it again. That twenty home runs sixty. Rbi's in seventy eight games and insane..

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