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One hundred thirty. Oh wow for small community Will run six thousand people on reserve and you also served in the in the us military. Grech yeah i did. Six years active duty into the marine corps and and i did a five years into new york army national guard song. Thank you very service. Yeah well served in one is in the marines. I was in desert storm right very. The war was already over by the time we got. The funding was already over. We're just there in case it went again but actually on my way there we just did a an operation iwo jima. I'm heading down to our first a protocol which is going to be hong kong and just before we got there. Mount pinatubo erupted so we had to go down to calling and we pulled into. Subic bay The day after tube. Oh you're up to and we had to evacuate and it was. I think the one considered one of the largest evacuations that we did. But i got to see the ashes among the distance. And everything else like that. So that was interesting and then we ended up going to the persian gulf after that. So what was the full like. Give us the what was the full extent of the of the confederacy. When it was at its largest life farther south farthest north Pretty much around upstate. New york is where we were but we had a lot of influence. Because we would records of us doing rate as far south as carolina's under turkey's so and i read somewhere as well. One of the big influences on all the other tribes in north america really happened because we were under. I want to to meet the french. And the british as they came came into north america with the sellers so we were wondering i wants to get firearms and once we got that we pushed everybody basically westward from there so some some tribes are. I think like could be wrong on this one by believe. It's the apaches were normally associated with the desert..

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