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I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. There's a new game and team in town the Seattle thunderbolts play cricket. Bill Schwartz on the efforts of local civic and business leaders to grow the universal sport in King County. Moving to the states 20 years ago, Vijay Benoit couldn't find many cricket matches to watch on television. Boy, has that changed. I think you're the second watched sport in the world. To a point that it has evolved so much that even local games are streamed live so that it can be watched. With our region's technology boom came employees like beno wall from India, Pakistan, oceana, and other countries where cricket is almost a religious experience. Gradually says Ben awal, the sport has caught on in the Seattle area. We have around 15 plus grounds that news improvement, but 15 drones, and we even have a youth leap, which is amazing to see a lot of kids adopting cricket playing cricket and taking it forward. King County council member, Peter von reichbauer was urged by some of the cricket community to come watch matches at marymoor park. It was an incredible to watch thunderbolts, succeed in bringing to people together that afternoon. Cricket's a bit like baseball, where a pitcher throws a ball to a batsman. It's expected to be a hard week in here in Seattle. Meanwhile, a wonderful shot. Oh, just over the outstretched hands at long off at long on for a 6. The games can sometimes go on for literally days. Several cricket fanatics, including David Malik, put their money where their passion is, investing in the minor league Seattle thunderbolts with plans of something bigger. We hope that one day we will be able to support local professional team in early research to the thunderbolts. Vijay benewah says, just like King County, the thunderbolts have people from all over the planet. South Africa, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, right range of right dangerous countries diversity is a great reflection of what a good community it represents. The Seattle thunderbirds, 2022 cricket season, starts against the east bay blazers, Saturday, at tol gate farm park in north bend. I'm Bill Schwartz, northwest news radio. Northwest news radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center. Looking back at east highway 5 22, it's improved significantly going from four or 5 to two, there's no delays, it will take you just 14 minutes, bell town Seattle's 6 avenue and accident a battery street is causing slow traffic from lenora and it looks like there's now just a one minute delay in a C tac both lanes of Pacific highway is down to one lane from a collision between south exit drive and one 76 and a traffic is looking sluggish there too and a two minute delay federal whale I 5 seldom still seeing that accident in south of three 75th on the right shoulder, our next traffic at a 34. The northwest news radio forecast from the 1530 mortgage dot com weather center. It's taken a while to get to sunny skies and temps in the 70s, but we arrived there today for the start of summer. We're back into the 60s for Wednesday and Thursday, but we continue to warm up as the week goes on. We'll see temps in the 70s by Friday and even into the 80s for the weekend with no rain in the forecast. I'm Kelly blier and that's a check of your northwest news radio forecast. Broadway plans to drop its mask mandate next month, starting July 1st, the Broadway leaks has 41 theaters will make masks optional as the latest coronavirus wave recedes. I'm backstage, I feel safe.

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