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Me here? Absolutely. And even help you get connected with the shark fin Shark tank and I saw that that just broke my heart. That's why when I came here, I just say I have to do something about this. I've literally helped create hundreds of brand because we had this unique offering. This art is a value to bill to bring for their communities in their attendees wanted Patton your invention, the chances near you've given it part now get it in gear. Its passage to profit with Richard and Elizabeth Gear art welcome the passage to profit Everybody. I'm Richard Gearhart, and I'm Elizabeth. Dear Heart and passage to profit. It's a show all about entrepreneurs, small businesses and the intellectual property that helps him flourish. And we have Kenya. Gibson here who was the creator of this show. Really? It was her brainchild and she approached us with the idea and we said Why not? But that WASP 100 shows ago Can you believe that? We've been on the air for 100 shows and so Thank you. I heart and Kenyon. I just want to say congratulations to you guys. You know, you know, having a show, let alone being on the radio is never an easy thing to do in the fact that you've been doing this for 100 episodes is a testament to your dedication to your craft, and we're honored to have you as part of our I heart family and thank you for bringing us great content every single week. We appreciate that, and I'll tell you. A lot of the credit goes to Elizabeth and our team. Alicia Morrissey coordinates the show. She finds the guests. She does all the scheduling. She sets up all of the shows. We couldn't do it without her and the I R team is just being great. Scott and Noah in production have been fantastic. They always make us sound better than we really are. And it's just such a pleasure to be working with I heart radio as the wonderful company and we're really pleased to be with you. So thank you very much. What's really cool about today is that one of our very good friends who was so supportive, especially at the beginning and was on Early presenter on the show. Lisa ask, please is here with us. I am so psyched. Yeah, She was one of our first guest so serious. Who else is gonna be on the show? We have some great presenters on the show today. So stay tuned. We have owned by my only and if you could make a difference in someone's life with 25 bucks a month and keep them out of sexual slavery. Would you do it? This is what she started doing. I'll let her tell the story. It's amazing, and we have Michael blew. He has an event company. So you know a lot of that company's really hurt during covert, but he's really figured it out. So people are gonna be having events are having events. You really want to hear how he does this and then Heather Mariana has natural beauty products, and she sent me some and I got a tightly smell. So stay tuned. Listen to all these people talk about their businesses, Their fascinating people and their stories are one Default, and it's our 100th anniversary episode. So I'm very excited about that, too. But before we get to our guests, let's do a little bit of intellectual property stuff since your heart law. Richard's loss, Sir sponsors the show on pace for it to be on the radio. We do like to talk about intellectual property. The first question that I have for our audience. We know that there's a lot of intellectual property aficionados out there. Can you copy? Right? A chicken sandwich. Don't it'll answer at once, Okay, because you wouldn't think that you could copy writing chicken sandwich. And if you think that you can't be right there, Woz, a chef in Puerto Rico, not so long ago, his name is nor Berto Colon. Lauren Zana claims that he invented the chicken sandwich back in the 19 forties, and he claimed that he had a copyright on it, and he sued church's chicken or damages and Royalties on the concept of a chicken sandwich. Well, thank goodness you didn't win, because how would it be if nobody could make a chicken sandwiches? Civilization way cease to exist for sure, But he went to court. Of course, This is America. You can sue anybody for anything and the first circuit decline. I said, no, you can't copyright a chicken sandwich and then the Court of Appeals. He actually appeal this case and the Court of Appeals said, No. You can't copyright a chicken. Sandwich. And when the judge said Woz and I quote, a recipe or any instructions, listing the combination of chicken lettuce, tomato cheese and mayonnaise hungry little bun to create a chicken sandwich is quite plainly not copyrightable work. So I guess if you have food products and you want to get a copyright on them, you're out of luck, at least 50 shop in front of this judge, So we have idea of the news and I just wanted to say a little bit about what the Uspto said United States Patent and Trademark Office and on December 31st, the director of the Uspto, who is the under secretary of commerce for intellectual property without a letter, And that's interesting because the United States Patent Trademark Office is under the auspices of the Department of Commerce. It's a federal agency. So all patents are federal. So we have been saying throughout the year. Everything we've been doing with Uspto for years has been Elektronik. So he said that they actually were in a very good position. To do everything electronically and what I felt I mean using was, he said. In fact, we're examining patent applications faster than last year. Maybe they're having you were meeting that's has to be the only explanation. Right? Everyone's been working from home, but they were going full bore, as were we, and they did have a few Compensations for people because of cove it like if you accidentally did something late. They were a little more lenient. They move deadlines and we did a block about that. But anyway, one thing they did was taking a fast track program for covert inventions. And, you know, investors aren't gonna put a lot of money into any project or invention unless they think that they'll get some of that money back. Some might be totally altruistic. But these drugs and vaccines cause millions of dollars to develop. So they developed a program that allowed any kind of device medical device vaccine, mass burn medicine or anything like that to go through the path office more quickly. And we have had so many pope it inventions presented to us by our clients during this period, people really trying to help manage the crisis and you know, improving treatments. So the patent office has been very cooperative and getting those kinds of inventions to the patent system very quickly, so normally it would take three or four years to get a patent granted. If you have filed it at the patent and Trademark office. Now they're getting decisions out within eight months or less. So they've really done a great job of stepping up and trying to help move the innovation process forward during this period. So this was from his log actually on the Web. Yes, Peter website titled a Year to Remember, And he starts it with a quote from Africa. Boyd Tennison. And I really hope this quote is true. It says. Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come whispering. It will be happier. We're all hoping for that. You sure, Satur, so we're taking this the first Wednesday in 2021. It's time for a happy year..

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