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Jamie Markley databa- at camp. There Scott Robbins. Pretty cool story out of Austria, David. Yeah. Well, they got the Australian family got some good luck. They found a gold nugget value tens of thousands of dollars while they're walking the dog. Whoa. Emily's father two daughters. They don't want to be named. They were out with their dog happens to be named lucky by the way. He's going to know who it is. Now. They they came across the gold nugget. The father told a local newspaper. I actually walked right past it. But my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking. She goes dad is this gold. I said I think it might be they weighed the nugget at a nearby supermarket. The I barely you can just do that you walk in and say, hey, I got this gold nugget. Can I use the thing that you the awake cabbage on way? Didn't know. Yes. That's terrible. Strip next. No. That's. Okay. Nice. The gold nugget way twenty ounces or one point two five pounds. They say it's worth about twenty four grand wome. To sell it as a whole. It's probably worth a little bit more than that. But they're gonna they're they're really obviously, very happy about this. Because they have come into some hard financial times recently. What has your dog done for you lately? Happy tennis ball the other day. That's good nothing in their very valuable to the dog. Yes. My daughter moved back in for the summer and put a lot of stuff in the rec room dog had fun with that got into the tea party. I mean, just it's just a mess down there. It's one thing after another. It was funny about that. Sorta me is you know, the people didn't want to be named but they gave the name of the dog. Yeah. Suwalki talking to a neighbor of mine. This wasn't that long ago. And I was asking what's the name of the family lives in it's like eight houses down because I see him out with the dog. And I know the name of the dog mazy, I don't know their name, and he started to tell me that's how I really got to know the names of the neighbors because for the longest time I could remember every dog's name, but then trying to connect it to the people. And then be like, okay. So Baxter goes with John and Lisa, and then there's Sam and that goes with Tyler and Janet and okay. This is how I can remember names. It was all through the dog. Does make sense it works, man. That's how I remember. My wife's name Dexter. Brian. Caitlyn may go with they go with that lady who lives with me. And her name is. Chelsea Chelsea very good. Wow. Okay question. Everybody drinks coffee here. Yes. Everybody, and there's definitely some coffee better than others. That's true. And when you get a great Cup of coffee like man, this is really good. Take that taste and go another, you know, another level of tasting good. How much would you pay for that? Like the ultimate for your taste buds. It's him. Twenty four hour here. Sure. Okay. Eight dollars. I'll go ten that. That's the most. Yeah. That's my limit that you would ever pay. I wouldn't I would never spend double digits on..

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