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And so dependable and because of their body shape, they were very, very dirty. And they didn't get bothered by the rough terrain. You know, Horses weren't very useful at that point yet because they break letting because think about early with constant, You know, this is nothing but trees. When those trees were taken down. It was nothing but stumps and action could wander there waiting very slowly and steadily true. All that toe work up ground and to do things but we're horses, you know, excitable as they are and wonderful as they are. Would run crazily through it and the hurting themselves. Devil says. We forget just what a willingness Wisconsin was in the early 18 hundreds. Wisconsin wasn't even surveyed until the mid 18 thirties. You know, that means that there was nothing but trees if there were a few places of prairie, but I mean, we're talking awards that you can't see through its Indian trails and And you know what about 200 people and some fur trappers and imagine if you had a horse and all the sudden you're horses gone, You might never find that thing. Absolutely. And you bring up such a good point that Certainly have this vision of all these wide open fields and flowing farm fields and all that stuff and it wasn't it was it was a North American jungle. It was. Yeah, seriously, And he said, you know you were you come right off the lake Michigan. You had some sand lots and Pine trees and they were open spaces and things, but it really wasn't until Oh, seriously the late 18 forties, probably before you get to see relatively large by larger me like a 10 acre field and double sites in Oregon Trail Traveler Peter Burnett commenting on oxen in 18 50, he says, quote. Best of all the mammoth does not run off unquote Jane that near WTMJ News. A brand new year. It is 4 39 Wtmj. We're getting some brand new snow coming up in the next couple of days. How much? What's the timeline will check in with meteorologist Kristen Curse, Shane right after the break, John, We're here here for an ex wealth management. Think about your current investment in retirement portfolio. Has it changed to reflect what's been happening over the last year? If it's the same as a year ago, it probably hasn't been doing you much good. Most investment advisors will sell you new investments, not an ex wealth management as fee only fiduciaries. You hire them for their expertise in investment, retirement tax and estate planning. They offer conflict free recommendations. They.

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