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We're back jinking review going on. Not Much Quinn. Are you doing. I got some new you recording equipment so trying to for the first time today describe it to me. IRA showed on video so for someone. It's not as loud as a clamp onto your desk and It's like a arm. Might stand with an arm kind of so. Now now I feel like a professional and podcast. Her and really my main issue is that I don't know how sears of a partner I have. Because is he doesn't have one it's so he looks very amateur on the video right now on. I look very professional and put together and like I take this thing seriously honestly. You can't can't even see it in the video. You can see of clothing Mike. Just yelling into the MIC. To be honest your problem too far away a now you're too close. Simmer Down Simmer down boy I think. Okay this grant will just see. I guess we'll see Post podcasts whose voices service right and you may be a little biased because you have control over the I'm not GonNa let you listen to it. what's up grant you You Watch the Super Bowl now did you. Do I think I usually always have it on. At least saying it's there but I think I gave a Piss. His poor attempt to find some SORTA stream nausea announced. That it's a bad excuse. Yeah I was just. I was just chilling. I felt no need this year. Usually I care a little more but I don't know I don't like Kansas. The city and everyone likes Kansas City. And I'm okay for them winning but I don't know I like Pat Mahomes okay. It does I know you're I'm no fun February. Which is why? Don't you explain that. No Fun February on February story. This is the second annual no fun February last year last year I hadn't noticed okay. Yeah so I don't drink.

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