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Podcast being in podcast. I'm new to have you listened to pot. Yes. Which one's yours. I have many podcasts. Well, I think that there's the intimacy of it and the freedom of being able to listen to something whenever you want, and that isn't structured that's interested. So the free form of it the intimacy of it eight yet. So this fictional podcast. Those are Lucy fucking goosey podcasts structured, we do have a former defense like it's not. But he's so that we can we have sim this this how she takes right? This is this is the cost you pointing at the whiteboard. This fucking sim says I feel it was good. Great dick to city. I guess that it's sort of the opportunity and sort of exactly what we're experiencing in the world of television and in movies to some degree not quite as much. But but like this this format that feels it could be something that seven minutes long. It could be something like ours, which is like five hours long. There's a sense of a little wild west freedom ish. And who knows exactly what will what will land. With the way, we look at it as that we're living in an on demand side. It's on-demand everything. I mean, the next step logical separate audio. Mike. When all the cars are connected, then you might you don't wanna hear just a radio show in the middle or show, or my dear friend for twenty years hitched, his wagon to scary movie. You find the superstar actor, and you hit your wagon to them. And then you see your career. The road. About relationships. We make money. Get to class. Hey. Thanks so much for being here. All right. So I know I've said that we'll say it again about four more times. Can I ask you if you questions? All right. So when did you move here, I moved here in two thousand four to Las Palmas on someone and this neighborhood has dramatically changed, you know, this building especially Selma street used to be one of the scariest streets in Los Angeles. So yeah, I moved here. Two thousand four I was working at the Hollywood park. Esino? I was a cater. How did you get your big break? I don't wanna hear about the waiting tables story. I get it. I booked a commercial. Which one I did a bunch of them. The first one was a pop up at did for SPCA. And then I did a Tampax commercial where I represented the before guy in an upgrade spot. You know, the old tampon Pearl commercials. Now, that's an upgrade where you have a regular old tampon. And then it goes now, that's an upgrade. We always do. I research. Well, I was one of my big first commercials. Here's the commercial. I knock on there's a woman in a pink room. The door opens its may there's a bucket of chicken in my hand. And I say chicken, then you hear and then there's a honk in a suit with a bottle of wine, and he goes one, and then it goes now, that's an upgrade and it signifying. It's time to upgrade to a different type of tampon. So that's the big break everybody. I I would have thought that it would have been more sort of humiliating to be the female in tampon commercial. It was worse. What kind of chicken was it? Fried. Oh, all right. All right. Yeah. What? Yeah, whatever. But I did I did commercials for a while. And then my big break was meeting. Liz, Mary weather did a indie movie called ceremony directed by max Winkler, and Liz, Mary weather who created new girl was editing or doing a punch up with max for script while max was editing that movie she saw my stuff she and I got to know each other..

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