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Trade Commission's website. And there's a pull down there in order to register that you've had unemployment identity theft. They had me go to both their site as well as the FTC site. That's a lot of fun. Okay, FTC. The Federal Trade Commission. And then there's a pull down there. I hope that resolves it. It sounds now like I've got a few ways to do this, and I prefer to make sure I'm doing it the right way, you know. I was very fortunate that I d yes. Even called me back to let me know that although someone did apply for my benefit. That they had been found fraudulent and they closed the case. So did they find out who this person is? And can we go get them and hit them with a Wiffle bat? I'd be right there with you if we can find him. In that amazing I mean, think about that. Somebody's capturing these assets. Who are they? Where are they? And really think about that somebody, the state's attorney's office or the attorney general, United States. Somebody should be investigating this. There should be arrest being made. This is a crime rampant across our land, and I haven't heard anything about it. It's bad enough. We have to deal with a pandemic. But then we got it would deal with that as well here and you're just not right. All right. Thanks for the phone call. Have a great day and on that, having have ever alone Sharon, you're on WGN. Hello, Sharon. Hi, John. What's up? I am I would receive a Two letters from the Louisiana Workforce Commission claiming benefits on a name of a person I don't even know and it had some background stating what they were eligible. You received. Through the end of the year. And it was interesting because it came from Louisiana, but it was addressed to my home address with this person's name on it. And then I received bank card from U. S Bank. Release card. Very legitimate looks, you know, it's got US bank and all there. Power season so forth in a card to activate And that was in the same name of a person. I don't know. Address to my home address in Mount Prospect Illinois. So this person is claiming through Louisiana. But it came to again my home address in Mount Prospect, So I tried calling US bank and I got routed to several different People to talk to and nobody could really help me except one person who directed me to report it to report fraud that FTC that stops the FTC again. Well, that's good, because I was afraid. You know if there are 52 different places to go, I go here. They'll fix ago here the fix you're here. They'll fix it then. Then I'm suspicious of all of them Right And again. I didn't know maybe some of the if you're the idea site or if Terry Savage has a link, maybe. Ultimately it is resolved by the FTC. Maybe that's the Portals through which all of these things go, but I'm going to ask Terry more specifically about this to those of you worried about this. The wintrust business lunches at noon tomorrow, and Terry will be on to give us a little more specificity about this. That'll be after noon tomorrow. I got a text message. Hey, Mr Fix it Call in. We're trying to reach you. He's busy. Well, then don't do this to me. Lou Lou's a great one. He'll call he'll text into the show's My phone buzzes, and it's loose saying, Hey, here's a brilliant inside or a funny observation about what you're talking about, and I'll say we'll jump on the phone. Lu Then he'll text back. I'm busy. No, you're not. You're listening to the show and you're taking up my time. But it says here Mr Fix its identity was stolen. They need to report to the idea. Yes. As the crooks now have your social Security number. Well, I believe that So Hey, Lou, I'll just talk to my phone now and get no response. So who did you report it to? Did you go online? Did you do it on the phone? I DS is a Is a black hole. You'll never come out of there. Really. You were able to get satisfaction from ideas. You will not be our guest tomorrow. Um Dan went through the process. It took four steps. Is that what you did down? Dan, you're on the air. Hey, Dan. Hi, John. Hey, you're on the air. What's up? Yes. So I didn't get I went through that process. I got the letter. First thing I did was they called my employer make them aware of it. Then I called the number on the ideas. Letter took me about two or three days for them to call me back, but I did. I reported it. I then opened up a police report in my town. I went to the right I live in Elmer's. I went to the town open up a police report. On. Then they suggested that I didn't go to the credit bureaus and freeze my accounts on three credit bureaus. I did those four things. Right. Do any more than that. Yeah, you know, and it's It's funny, because as you say those things I remember Terry clicking those things off, including closing your credit reports. That's um, call the credit reporting agencies or agency and Get that done to very helpful. Ella. How much fun was that? Dan? That was just kept me busy during the pandemic, John. It wasn't that bad. I'm glad you called. Thanks for your help, man. About? Have a good day. What did you say? Mr Garris Line? One is we got just less than a minute left here. Hey, Gail, You're on WGN. Hi there, Gail. What can I do for you? I just wanted to tell you that we were also involved in this identity, such and when I had taken it to the police to give a police report The sergeant here said it is coming from someone outside of the country, and there's no way of tracking. But I did also follow up with idea. Yes, they were very kind. And they called the act on by the person whom I spoke to was very, very knowledgeable. So That's really good to hear color. It said, Um, good did not know where it was coming from, or if they could track it. And this is what the sergeant told me. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad to hear that. I know you're busy, Gail. I got to go to but Don't we have some teenagers that can figure this out? Isn't there some body and some cyber security place who can find these people and get us some sort of satisfaction? Maybe not. Terry will at least answer some of those questions on the win. Trust business. Lunch tomorrow. We've got a busy show planned for you now. First the news will go into the Northwestern medicine newsroom, WGN Radio news is next after do.

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