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Seven was the winner. I'll stay on. Especially because it makes me cry. But they talked to the cadets some point. Let's just get on with pointless. Anything about these people? Let them answer that question. Just do the question give them valley misery, stop making them. I think the question whether turned to talk about the play on when we do it just say at the beginning. I'm sorry zone. Do we do not want to speak to say down? We will not this everything is rising on this. The future of our marriages, don't try and engage us in small talk. This is too important. Just ask the question. And I think that will endear is to the nation. Let's ask you some properly hard questions from the random questions book questions. I I think. think. The human centipede one last time you might have done yet. I think it was again. Safer pick say, wouldn't it? Woods. What was your most mundane encounter with the celebrity? That's the question of how sense your nipples Charlie did not. I was gonna put which one of his third nipple. Okay. Mean gosh, just thinking about it. I think it's I think it's Jenny now just to take. Yeah. No. It's me. I'm Wade in. Tiny tiny toy. Nothing to I look at it. Whereabouts on them to be. So it's not even really rude. It's just to sort of little anyway, find sorry, God producer new audience. We've gone too far. I'd ask questions like that. What is your mice mundane and can't with the celebrity? They must you must have loads. Then prob- well Frank Bruno. I was his taxi driver. That was pretty mundane. I mean. I was shocked knees health resort in spring. And I was driving at the time a blue Persia three. Oh, six and pumped up at the front and Frank Bruno hopped in the back. And said tightly to Luton. Frankly went and he took it very well. It didn't punch you. I mean, these really big love. That's like a could be a sitcom in. Timing. Lisa poetry curious thing. Sprang Breen Dr that could be quite a good fun. Yeah. That could be a fun thing. Driving is like driving mistake. Brilliant. Come on driving stays the twenty first century where there is no racism. Have you had your? I made Derek cork t- digit. Yeah. Just randomly hotel when I was working on the weakest link. I had to McCain with the celebrity specials and I met him a Cup of tea in a polystyrene Cup. Do you know it was coming? Derek? We can. What happened to him? What's what's is? He still does still going on. Still just don't secrets behind the scenes of the weakest link was an Robinson as mean as she appeared in the scripted bits. We did on TV she stayed main all day every day. She did not break. Did did the weakest link? The nation where you need to desperate as I am. Detest the nation. And it was me main Barbara Dickson with the best ones on that. And so and I'm into is nice and. And I thought she was really horrible because on the weakest link. She's just really horrible all the time. And then on test the nation. She was a bit literal. Wishy horrible all the time. When you went back stage. I will say she didn't break character. Does she think she is nothing? She was nice on the nation. But she's still she's a feminist. Yeah. And she's got that persona to maintain. But eyeso- of I think she's she's she's allowed to drop right now though, it's over now. Do. Now. I'm Robinson still watch talk. Let's see I want to talk. You say was turned. I'm you're on TV every day in west. She that's where got what Chattan showbusiness? Let's see not not on the way up when you're on the way changes limited number allowed on team. All right. Another emergency question. This is actually a fat. This is a fern injury. This is a fact based one answer is how many tennis balls would fit inside the Boeing seven three seven to the nearest three. That's he. So my question I understand the best. I'm the worst months in probably do in estimating things at the moment. Well, this in a seat on how many seats you're never on a Boeing seven wherever time and tell you that right like hundred burning 737 engineers in the audience. Unusual. Seven four seven. It depends get cancer. He could take over seats out, and it would fit Morton exposer. Yeah..

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