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Welcome to black men can't jump in hollywood would sit it to go through a mash up amass up amass up it started as drums line and then it turned into i started as drums from drumline did you do better i forgot we did review jim line we should probably introduce our guests i remind mystery so this is jonathan bray lock draw j third teams is james can you say your can you just we have a guest so can you what eight your name that's how i said it i said james the third i doing when he when he introduces name he likes to go low all right dry is in here he's he's being fancy he's in la i mean he's in atlanta what's he doing in atlanta james i don't know i mean you got drought always be showing up in different cities all over the place i swear that man's a spy of some sort the cia i think he's he's produce it some stuff with is it with wild out see giresse i think i think like walling out live or something is there or like this season is in atlanta or something right because they have a lot of comedians down there that are that are on the show this year which is kind of a show or maybe or maybe every year it's like that and so now he's just they're they're just there for this while now is is it's a standup thing they have multiple comedians it's like it's like i think of it like it's like the black version of whose line is it anyway like improv games they do like fun improv games but nick cannon hosts and it's like right so jay on mtv still it's still there that's still doing it yeah he's he kills me he's like a mover and shaker like as a producer he's always doing stuff because we always like doing more stuff like drumline and bubba but i'm like yell he's keeping it moving on doing different projects everyone while out for a start at that a good idea you know and you know it's still going yeah it's a it's a i mean draws been working on that show for a while so that's why it's kind of sad that he's not here because of course you directed drumline and people might also no other films paid in full the recently stepsisters i believe yeah and then of course the film that is coming out or actually has just come out this weekend uncle drew comes out next weekend or this weekend that term always confused me this next but yes this weekend coming up this day this friday yes yeah that's right ecorse here in the studio we have charles stone the third the third yeah that's right james james another third is here should i this is just great this is just great this the population of thirds has grown on the show having a kindred spirit here kinfolk yeah i do feel up out for sure are you the second or the first i'm the i see those kind of power move right there can i can i be real might first name is jonathan which is one of the most common hymns especially in the western hemisphere with this country jonathan is a super common name but my last name berry lock is so uncommon that i'm actually straight up science fiction only jonathan bray lock on this earth that i.

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