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Everyone knows that you're in this. Podcast session run not everyone. Everyone knows to not disturb email. That's a that's a very disturbing people. I'm just extremely this people. So does he change you rotate. Well i didn't know what to do man. I was telling the cameras. We're really tall. People are these chairs are low in the table is low. And it's it's weird when you're when your femur an upward angle and recreating an acute angle with our body and our god and handling everything. I love this. So i entered the oil patch from my gym right. I had a buddy reach out that me said. Hey starting willing gas company startling gasco. Oh yeah he's like your entrepreneurial. Do you know anything about lands like. I know that i walk on it. He's like well. That's good enough for me. Let's do this and it was a small family office. Okay okay As a guy as a eric would Would put a family cubicle not family office but family cubicle and we were Kind of enter it at a time where it was a The landgrab i guess Two thousand eighteen thousand seventeen that time when when people are buying up land and they were trying to the whole the flip mode thing that they saw with you star exactly so we entered We were looking at basins and it was like okay. West texas what is like. Oh that's a high price per acre. Let's look somewhere else. Ended arco basis where we ended a learned everything about what needed to happen as far as regulatory as far as the most efficient way to track down respondents on a pooling orders. Okay so is it. Do you contribute this to your entrepreneurial. Spirit which i wanna talk about later but like you're literally going from one industry one goal and service to literally. You're what you're saying is right now. You're giving me a whole list of everything is it's such a great interesting pivot if you're interested in something and you put in the time to learn it. It's everything's out there at your disposal like we have no excuses yeah period so and you know being being my background was just entrepreneurial a lot of problem solving and a lot of its people and so you take that and you. You put that anywhere. I think those are. Those skills are transferable in almost anything long as you understand people and you understand problem solving at the base level. You put if you put in the time effort to really understand what's going on. I think that's a very transferable transferable skill set in so I had the opportunity to practice that So learn the regulatory system in oklahoma learned..

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