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Letter that the federal reserve an enormous rally in order to accomplish and that's a fact yeah well the fact for themselves. well the fact for the zero point zero zero one percent. and the zero point zero one percent. if you take those two groups combine. the one percent and the one one hundred one percent take those two. put these groups this put them in perspective as to their wealth as the income inequality. they go this way both these groups combine. twenty percent of our country's pop the rug to say that about twenty percent of our country's population they don't eighty nine percent of the country's wealth. well the eighty nine percent of the cut which most that wealth come from it comes from the stock market so that's why they had to rig the market financially engineer. push the stock market up but not the economy. they made the economy looked like it was going up by giving massive credit to the bottom eighty percent of the country's population. who just eleven percent of our country's wealth think about it they gave the bottom eighty percent of our country's population after the crash huge credit. eleven percent of our what the has eleven percent over what they give them all the credit. eighty percent of the population go buy anything you want we don't care what your creditors. because they said well if we can show we're growing economy. because they're out there spending people are too stupid they said to know that are spending only because a credit not money they're making from wages or savings so what we can do is match get all let them go out there and spend like crazy spend more than Ancon spend forty percent more than income and weak it and then this is stock markets going up they were making a fortune in the stock market. by financially engineer engineering it which stock buybacks and the market goes up think about this demarco's of three hundred and fifty per cent. for very small population. three fifty percent. for the zero point zero zero one percentile. it is zero point one percent top. thank you and how shoals that's about one million households are sixty nine million that's what the whole market was about. they made a fortune but the rest of the country was all on credit and that's why we that's where we are today. we're still there that's why the market since October. Peter knocked over and four different times try to break out and has not and now what's happening I'll tell you when I get back what's happening. want more information on the show. game dot com or give them a call at eight seven seven six hundred..

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