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Welcome back. We're jumping right back in with the Senate whips in how they're different so both parties just like in the house elect elect whips in the Senate they serve as assistants is to the floor leaders who are also elected by their party conferences. The majority and the minority whips and assistance are responsible for mobilizing votes within their parties on major issues so this is all pretty much the same as the house. And you're just getting the votes yet. In the absence of a party floor leader the whip will often serve as the acting floorleader. So if Mitch. McConnell is not at the floor than the the Republican whip will be the person who's like taking control crawl whips in the Senate were established in the early twentieth century. The development of party whips coincided with the evolution one of the Party leaders in the Senate love Democrat James Hamilton Lewis of Illinois became the First Party whip in nineteen thirteen eighteen and then the Republicans established their own whip position. Two years later I love it. I love how they were like. Oh what a whip and and I WANNA whip I WanNa whip give me away. I can't we. We can't agree on anything. We need somebody to buzz. Some we need somebody to find Daryl errol that's for damn sure. They typically act as assistant leaders the Senate whips because they are mainly responsible for counting heads and rounding up party members for votes in quorum calls. Yeah and they occasionally stand in the majority or minority leaders in their absence or you at a quorum go I think on a quorum is as the number of senators that must be present for the Senate to do business. The constitution requires a majority of senators. Fifty one for quorum often fewer senators than that are actually present on the floor but this Tenet presumes this is also often the Senate Doug of website. Isn't it presumes that a quorum is present unless the contrary is shown owned by a roll-call vote or quorum call so unless we ask if the majority of senators were present were just GonNa just right they is there a AH Okay Sanit yet. I see you a quorum. Call now know is a call of the roll so the people who were. They're present in the building in the Senate floor to establish whether a quorum is present if any senator suggests the absence of a quorum. The presiding officer must direct correct the roll to be called. So if somebody's like there's three of us I see people here. I don't think it's here feels feels like forty nine. I'm not feeling fifty one. Were missing some people. Just sorry at the lights are so bright Oh yeah near as three shoot. It does anybody who suggests you know that there aren't enough people. They must hold a quorum call. Often Corum call is terminated by unanimous consent before completion which permits the Senate to use the Corum call to obtain a brief delay to work out some difficulty or wait for people to arrive. So they're like we don't have enough people that we a quorum call and then people start to drift and they're like sorry. Train subway train was laid off the three and doesn't run me arriving coming to work every day. And then they continue their business once they have warm love. Republicans in the Senate have gone back and forth about what they call this. Whip position in one thousand nine hundred ninety. They began Ganor ferring to their whips as assistant leaders but then in two thousand and three they began using the whip title against going back and forth like a branding issue. Nearly I don't know who I am I might lazy or Elizabeth I get it been there yet. I don't know so much but I don't I don't think this whip title is going to be which mash fresh cut eight. Hey this is the Vietnam and so sorry to our listeners. For my issues and the other thing in two thousand Seventeen Democrats created a new position of assistant leader which is separate separate from and ranks directly below the position of whip whip love. Yup so here is a little bit of history of the GOP whips that have been in our Senate. The First Republican Party whip was James. W Junior Wadsworth sir. James W Junior Wadsworth served in the post in Nineteen fifteen. He was from New York. He did go to Yale. And he did serve as a private in Puerto Rico during the Spanish American war are I James W Junior Wadsworth. Okay Okay No. Republican whips were appointed from nineteen thirty five to nineteen in forty four since only seventeen republicans were in the Senate following the landslide election of president. Franklin D Roosevelt in nineteen thirty six so literally there were. Let's do the math. Eighty three Democratic senators. An only seventeen is up. There were seven to. I don't remember no. Oh there wouldn't have been a three because the they weren't states Alaska when was the last. Okay Yep Yep we would say eighty democratic's I love. There's only seventeen Republicans they're like. I don't know y'all we know we know we're all year we don't look you know it's just not going to happen. Accordingly the minutes of the Republican Conference for the period state quote on motion of Senator Hastings Duly seconded and carried. It was agreed that no assistant leader would be elected but that the chairman be authorized to appoint senators from time to time to assist him and taking charge the interest of the minority. Oh my status speech. I've ever heard really like look. There's not enough of ice enough of us. We know we. You don't need them. We don't need a need a leader. We just need some help from time to time you know in Franklin tries to do news social security. We just might need a little help saying please don't please. Don't get us out of this depression. A note attached to at that conference minutes added quote the Chairman of the conference. Senator McNary apparently appointed Senator Austin Vermont Assistant Leader in nineteen forty three and nineteen forty four until the conference adopted the rules organizations so apparently guy was appointed. I loved it like they put a sticky note on it and they're like look and some staffer was like apparently. Apparently this happened uh-huh Jonathan I. Guess it's like we're in the war in the midst like the height of the Second World War so they're like okay. Maybe we need a little help. I don't know who knows poor. Republicans during that time okay. Most recently the Republican Party whip was John Cornyn from Texas from two thousand and thirteen two thousand and nineteen currently the Republican Party. Senate Senate whip. Is John Thune. Sorry it's a silly name from South Dakota. The current deputy whips are Senator Mike. uh-huh you're welcome. I'm going to say it how I think it's sad and this is not me trying to be rude. You whatever their Mike Crappo GRAPPO. Okay you tell me how you pronounce his name. C. R. A. P.. Oh that's what it is CRAPPO. Mike Take your mother's maiden name for God's Sakes Mike Crappo Republican from Idaho. He is the chief deputy happy. Whip Roy Blunt Republican from Missouri. Shelley Moore Capito Republican from West Virginia. John Cornyn Republican Texas. This cory Gardner Republican Colorado. James Lankford Republican from Oklahoma and Martha mcsally Republican from Arizona. Those are deputy whips right right now. Oh there's more there's more there's going Rob Portman Republican Ohio. Mitt Romney Republican Hugh Tall. Tim Scott Republican South Carolina Alana Thom Tillis Republican North Carolina and todd. Young Republican Indiana. Those are all deputy whips right. There's like that's like half of vo count and the literally them or whips. They've each got a person to step. Yeah that too many now i. I don't know I guess not. It seems like overkill. Yeah I'm kind of like because there's only fifty one of you you need twelve. I don't I didn't do the math here but a lot of I thought you get away with five. Yeah it's nobody's surprising and the whip also gets to vote. Yeah everybody gets okay. Yeah everybody gets to vote. This is just like an internal organization. They've created for themselves to figure out WHO's voting. What yet but at the end of the day one person one vote in the Senate? That's right can you believe the Democrats. So history of the Democrats in the Senate the First Senate whip was James Hamilton Lewis from nineteen thirteen to nineteen. He served in the post again from nineteen thirty thirty three to nineteen thirty. Nine J. came back back. He went to the University of Virginia and studied law in Savannah. Georgia heard of it. He served in the Talk to this. He served in Puerto Rico during the Spanish American war. But as inspector general wow I know I think it's funny that the Republican Publican Dude and the Democratic Dude in the same more in the same place like in different positions. But they were serving like alongside. I think that was really interesting. Friendship Harry read from Nevada served as the wet from nineteen ninety five nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand five. He later went on to be the majority leader and caucus chairman chairman. The current Democratic Party whip is Dick Durbin from Illinois. All right. I guess I'm GonNa have to throw my name in the hat. Anita should what so. Why are we brought you here? Whereas I'm reading we actually been kind of checking you out for a while and I think you are what this country needs? I think a lot of people a lot out of old white people probably that are it needs to be whipped leading. Show frazier sure. And I think that I could be their entry way. You you are the bridge that will bring that. Will that will bridge the gap go all right greater risk. How much money millions are? We'll make some calls a million alien verse. Okay make a million John Star Yeah. I think it's mobile through to go funding and just see what happens. I needed a good reason to start a gofundme on meeting. This is this is this is to be whip. But that is that's the job of the whip. Anita how do you feel now that you know I feel as as if I I mean I definitely feel like I know a lot more. There's still so much right so much like even from everything you've told me. Then there's many questions of all the other parts of the parties of course with the whips yeah are there scooters. I mean that's an somebody calls and let us know if there are scooters and if there are send us a picture so we can look at them look in wonder by where I think I also am thinking. I want to watch a show all that has to do with politics but I'm not sure which one I have seen the net but you've told me the west wing is a fantasy now so I'm like yeah. It is so good. It's really good. The first couple of seasons of the West Wing are incredible. Yeah it will make you the breath yet because you know right..

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