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As a result. What is it that stayed with you? So I talked about what it was then, but what is it that you keep coming back to? Well, obviously then I think I didn't understand anything of what was going on. Sexually in the book. Yeah. Teenager. And I read it simply as a book about sisters and I am very interested in sisters, possibly because I don't have one. I'm at girl between two boys, which I've always really liked. I haven't wanted a sister, particularly. I think for myself as the jam in the sandwich in my family. But I've always been really interested in sisters and I've mysterious creatures to me. And there's something about very close sister bonds that is not like any other relationship in this world. And of course this is more so. It's like it's square to a million times over because they're identical twins. But, you know, in my publishing life, I've obviously Esther Freud who I talked about earlier. Hideous kinky and peerless flats are both novels of that sisters, Lucy almonds first, wonderful first novel sweet desserts is about sisters very much based on her system relationship. And then, of course, I'm spent much in the last 20 years watching a very close quarters of the relationship between my stepdaughters, clover and now. And clover Stroud has written Mel die two years ago, nearly. And clover has written the most astonishing book about sisters I've really ever read called the red of my blood, which is coming out next spring. And she writes about how they were as if they were sort of one flesh and that the parting of them, the anguish that that brings. The parting of them in real living life, not just in death. But how passionate their relationship was, but also how angry it could be and how confused and how complicated. And I think it's these things that have always fascinated me. And that is part of Cassandra at the wedding, isn't it? The idea of the divided flash will come up, I'm sure we'll talk about that. Simon, when did you first discover this book or Dorothy baker? I read a young man with a horn first, probably about 6 years ago..

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