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Randy Adams Ink and subscribe. I need subscribers. Need hits, Please, That's my pay. You know, I don't have many sponsors. And, uh, most this money comes back comes out of a back pocket National of mine. I pay for this. You know, everybody says all man, everybody, You know, the radio station pays, you know they don't pay May I have to pay for this time on on the radio, and it's not cheap, but that's all right. You know, I'm a you know a lot bragging. I am a blessed man. Because my mother taught me right from wrong. My mother taught me discernment. My mother taught me money management. But are we leading and guidance teaching our sons and our daughters the wrong way Toe be in debt. I owe too much money to buy a new car for three years to keep rolling in the end, get deeper and deeper and debtor's prison. Same way with the houses after the millennium's heir won't buy many houses and I buy and sell houses. Any condition I buy good, the bad the ugly and cars, trucks and houses. And so I'm flipping a couple right now. I You know, I wanna be productive. Everybody says ready. You need to retire. I don't need to retire. My two sons are working with me. I got a third son is about to come up. And I want to teach him and be there and be a mentor to him, too. And so I've got in my best friend. He works for me for over 30 years, you know, so I mean, I've got people has been around me for years and years and years and now wanted I enjoy their company. I enjoy. I love people. Do you love people? Really? You know the good. Don't judge him. Just like that Unhappy listener of mine was judging me. I'm sorry that I explained to. I'm sorry. You feel that way. I apologize, You know? Please forgive me if I do come off, arrogant and I don't mean to. I really don't. But I want to teach you I wanna help you. My reward in this business is helping people and I get I get calls every day I get people come to my Carla. Please call before you come in my car lot because I'm Not around much anymore. I'm out trying to buy cars. I can't get enough boat. You know, I used to help 300 cars a month and I can't get nowhere near 300 bucks. But thank you listeners for telling 20 people I wanna bother car and you know, we have a lot of people on radio right now. I'm telling you that they want to buy your car and you know they're going to be the height this afternoon, but it gets down to overhead and it gets down the knowledge and it gets down to favor and I have favorite the options. I have favor with the dealers. I deal with You know, I have options. I've been in the business about the good the bad the ugly $100 car $100,000 car, same way with houses. And so you know, I've got this interval Super low overhead. That's what I've tried to explain. Maybe I come off Very good that away, But yes, my car lost paid for. Yes, My cars were paid for, you know, but I was told the Dave Ramsey system before Dave Ramsey was around. My mother taught me Dave Ramsey system before he was around. And in here, grace with me. The best kind of cars are paid for car. The best kind of house is a paid for house. You know, and that's what we worked for. That's what we strive for. That's what I mean. Do you want peace in your life? No. I mean you hear these car commercials. Oh, man. I hate my car. I hate my payment. I hate what does Well, come on in here. We're gonna make it worse. No, they don't say that. They say We're going to come in here and put you in a new one, and you gotta watch out if they kicked the trade was kicking the trade. That's not paying years often. You lose good credit for seven years and you can't rent a house. You can't buy a house You can't do, man. It hurts your credit. Big time. You can't get a new credit card. I mean, there's so many things on bad credit deal, and it's they've trained, wrecked a bunch of people that away. So I mean, there's nothing free in the car business. I think that that's so to that coffee that fruit, the cookies and all. Let's just get you on a sugar high. Get ready for sticker price or something. I mean, you know, be prepared because It's a battle. It is a battle for your budget, and you need to know, you know, so we got all kinds of hate,.

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