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He's Pat, man. Von Miller coming up in a few moments. Romer simpson. The raiders trading. Khalil Mack is such a great look signed the guy who picks the urinal right next to you. Mike in buffalo, helping them on war cuts his lawn diagonally guy. Roam the raiders are so bad. They're losing on nights that they're not even playing Mack was part of a dominant defense performance for the bears. Every sacked by MAC is taking a year off that ten year contract that grew inside wore the Seahawks finding a uniform to actually fit Janna Caskey's fat ass before next week Dan in Denver. I don't know what it is. But ever since Gruden traded Khalil Mack, Dan and Denver's takes actually gotten better like as emails readable. Now. That's so true. I said last night is there. Anything more bizarre than seeing sea bass in Seahawk gear output, where did they get that gear? It's like that bought it in a store on the way the stadium. There's no way that was actually issued by the team. Right. I mean, nothing but respect for this, dude. Still kicking MCI blasted a fifty six yarder nothing, but respect for this, dude. And he's still goes like two fifty but he looked like he bought that jersey on the word of the yard. There's no way that was Seahawk issued. Rome. The Oakland Raiders catering. Staff would like to announce a new weekly feature item served in the coaches lounge. These delicious crow Sandoz are packed with lean protein and prepared posed bear games specifically for head coach chunky food in Micron Toronto chunky food in. So that's going to go. Every time max shows up and especially on a big stage nationally televised game at absolutely dominates the way. He did. And they win. It's another loss for Gruden. So Dan in Denver, essentially repeated what I said, but even when the raiders don't play they lose. Roam the simple math says hindsight is fifty fifty regards hawk the simple Matt says, that's. That is the simple math. I say fifty fifty. On site is fifty fifty I'm not covering that. Again, Gruden said I'm not getting into that. Again. We made the decision we traded him. We're not gonna keep going over. This hindsight is fifty fifty. A mansion and the showdown for LA. You've got a couple of teams that moved up here. The chargers Rams moved back, of course. And you get the power for LA coming up on Sunday. And then you've got college football in this town. Not a good time right now UCLA Owen three USC one and two couple of back to back embarrassments for not going well on the college level really good on the NFL level after going twenty years about having football here. One eight zero zero six three six eight six eight six we are still efforting von Miller. I am no longer efforting. Von miller. I have found von Miller. He is a Denver Broncos. Linebacker. He is a Super Bowl champ. He's a Super Bowl MVP. He's a three time. First team. All pro six time pro bowler already off to a huge this year for Saks. Couple of forced fumbles the second overall pick in two thousand eleven out of Texas. Am today he appears courtesy of old spice and their new old spice fomer body wash. Which of course, we'll get into von Miller is my guest von good morning. Good to have you back. How are you? Thank you. Bano is good to have you here. Beat the raiders von Sunday. You're not start the year. So start off for me with this. How good is it feel to be on Miller and the Denver Broncos right now. I mean, it's a great to be great to be a part of the Denver Broncos and. Great to start off. The league was so hard to win. Great. So you're involved got a huge game a week one. You had three sacks. You've got a couple of floors fumbles a fumble recovery, knowing you von I know you're going to give a lot of credit to your teammates because that's kind of teammate the you are. But when you're having a game like that. What's it feel like when you're in the middle of it? Do you feel like you're in zone? We simply cannot be blocked you just want to keep going. You just want to keep you know sex. You know, they come and go. So you know, if you if you give them sex especially in a game early. You know, you wanna keep it going you want to get as many as possible Denver Bronco. Von Miller, my guests. So had your team may case keenum on the show recently. And we talked a little bit about the fact that he was not unhappy to see Khalil Mack get traded out of the division. I'm kind of curious from where you're standing or sitting. What was your reaction when you saw that trae go down? Israel those fake news. We're a little bit when they. We didn't we turn the TV and. The verify such media size is real. I I just thought it was crazy. You think you there? They're trying to but definitely for this. Do you think? Tradeable? I mean, that's a really interesting point. For instance, we all know quarterbacks von get paid. We know that we know even non elite quarterbacks are getting paid as Neely defensive player. Do you feel like E Lee defensive players get the respect and the money that they deserve you think? So I think I think everything is fair. I mean, if you look at the house. Guys, and everything we're talking about Miller, Yvonne, you, and I have talked in the past about some of the rule changes that have been brought about with the idea of making the game safer. When you see clay Matthews as an example, get flagged for his head Accra cousins. What's your reaction? What did you think about that? You said before you noticed rule changes in place to. Oh, maybe getting safer for everybody. And especially the quarterbacks game game goes quarterback. Goes you know, about the quarterbacks about a great quarterbacks. Tom brady. Aaron Rodgers to drew Brees. The case keenum is about those guys. They can't go out there. And do what they need to do what it is. So I totally understand it, you know, in in the clay Matthews a situation, it's a tough, call call them. Both. For me. What helps 'cause I just go for the ball? I go for the ball. You know, Tom. Let me tell you. I got I got some of the worst refugee passer calls and this is before the new rule change. So I totally understand what it means to protect the quarterback still caught on both are talking to von Miller. So how do you approach it? I mean is a linebacker who is getting the quarterback on a regular basis? Do you have to change? You personally. Have you changed the way you bring down the quarterback? See you don't risk. Getting a flag football go for the ball one hundred percent of the top, and I tackle shack. And you know, whenever I guess for me, especially when whenever I'm playing like that, you know, it really. It really take some of the, you know, somebody offered quarterbacking onto the ball. Assault is one of the biggest plays in football. So whenever I got the opportunity to try to do we're talking to von Miller Navan watching from the outside. It looks like you're having a lot of fun, for instance, you gave your teammate Shaq Barrett, a joking slop and a post game interview on Sunday. And then shack set at that time that will not go unpunished. And then after that, did you know that he was going to come back to get you. And then what was your reaction when he got you in return? I think a lot of guys. I've never never give me back. So I guess I was due. Would do some revenge. It's all good. It's all good. This is the type of locker we get a lotta guys in there. The culture is great song. You win for Evans when you're winning the chemistry. Looks great though. I mean, what comes first what comes first good chemistry or the winds or do? You only have good chemistry when you win. Come. Are the most important thing in football. You can have a horrible locker room a lien and then make the locker room grace before us. That's not the case, we got a great locker from, you know, the first man on the roster to thirty men in a roster taller coaches and everybody in between this agreement from agreement. We're talking about for a few more moments, and we'll get the old spice for sure von after the season opening win. You were making the point that they're just felt like there was something special about this team. You've been on some really good teams. What what have you seen? The makes you feel that this might be one of those special teams. I've been with this one is different. I think go to young guys that we got here. We we did a great job in the draft picking up young guys young talented guys, and they were able to come in and help us right away from your fellow Lindsey too. Jeff. All these guys that came in to help us. They they've definitely given us a boost over the summer. There was this really cool. Video of you listening to Bruce Smith talk about his philosophy. When it comes to gain of the quarterback washer. Biggest takeaway from your time with him. You know being able to spend time with Bruce. It was great. Summit that we have annually at the big cedar lodge and in Ozark mountains, who it was great. You know, whenever you didn't get pros around, and you can talk, you know, football past present future pros is great, especially when you're talking about pass Russia's, you know, we do a pass rush summit in the Ozark mountains that sounds like a blast actually. It is. Yes. Graceful bass pro shops to call heart to everybody involved was it's a great event that we have annually would. Versus renting week. So you're working with old spice and the new old spice former body wash. But it's more than just talking about a body wash. You've got something much bigger cooking with the foam zone. Obstacle. Course. Von what exactly is that all about? The foam zone. Obstacle. Course. It's a football themed. Obstacle course game show covered in foam, mice foaming. And I'm the new oh spice fomer product almost answering lathering body wash is great in the shower. My favorite thing is feeding in back to the phones. Don't you can catch it today on the on the on the old spice media social media pages you too as well from five pm to eleven pm eastern. Let's check that out on their platform. I like that good. 'cause it one last thing a few months west I received the president's award from the American Optum metric association for the work you've done with your Vons vision program where the word mean to you, and why is that session important 'cause to you. It's a great war. You know, when we started off, I wasn't expecting rewards. We started vision was just trying to help you know, one or two kids. Get glasses contracts, free, Lexus surgery, and and our exams and do some of the stuff that we've done with us vision. It's been great. It's been a true blessing and receiver wars like that just shows you the type of team have around municipal has been attributed you Super Bowl champs suppo MVP. And today he appeared courtesy of old spice and their new old spice fomer body washed. My guess von Miller von great to have you back. Have ruined is Dave Andrei talking to you. Thank you. Appreciate you to von take care. Met still an absolute star. Four sacks to force fumbles already this season. And they beat the raiders on Sunday the two now. Oh, and they're out quickly. We set this thing up like this for the rest of the way. So that's your first interview. We have two more interviews, but they do not start until hour number three meaning between now. And then lots to get to what I want to go to next is Josh Gordon, Josh Gordon, predictably ends up with patriots. To me that was no brainer. We knew that was going to happen. I don't know what's going to happen. Now that he's there. I knew he'd end up there. But I don't know exactly. What's going to happen? Now that he is there. I want to get into it. Meantime Antonio Brown. Reportedly did not come to work yesterday. So I'm not going to overreact. I'm not going to get all hot take with it. You know, when you look at the Steelers, and the fact that they're supposed to be a Super Bowl contender. And they're winless. That's not a good thing. It's not a good thing. The he may be unhappy. And that he may not be showing for work, but I'm not gonna overreact to it. However, there was that cryptic trade me tweet. And now he may not be at work. Rome. I can't even believe helped bad Gruden is handling this max situation. Steam is in shambles. Please keep talking about him signed Mike Tomlin Matt in Poland springs. They are winless. They are winless. But at least they have a tie the raiders are own to Gruden is on for Sam shields. Top of hour number three. Devan God Chow talking dolphins football today. They're out to know. Which brings me back to RPO app. Two Trevor Pryce I got into who's fake and whose real of the two teams you wanna listen for the episode was dropped yesterday. Time now for bottom of the hour. Sports update. Here's the latest during the bottom of the hour for our one Andrew bogusch has this one..

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