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To him? while. Yes I think he decided because he denounced my first book fear instead it's pure fiction and upset I'm a democratic operative and then people worked for a couple of said, you know Mr President it's all true in trump said it's all it's true. Gee, I should have talked to him for that book which he didn't. So I'll talk to for this book and so he agreed to do it I said it's been all beyond the record I'm recording it. The book will come up before the election and I think there's something in him that wants to be pushed by frankly I think because he's a one man band is president the chief of staff can kind of say well, wait a minute. Should we do in in? Trump. Now that's what we're doing or he'll tweeted out all our with no meeting. No discussion. So it was you know I'm not a psychiatrist I will not attempt to be, but there's some gravitational pull for instance. Okay. The last call was a month ago August fourteen, the book was done and he called unexpectedly and Elsa came in and she said it's the white. House it's president trump wants to talk to you and the book was done in. So I went. Oh now. Is Calling again, I can't turn it down. So we get on the line and I said the books close to can't we get something about the Israeli you as you way our peace agreement 'cause it's significant I agree it's significant I said the books closed it's printed it's done but I need to tell you that it's a tough book. I'm GonNa make some judgments that you don't like and he said we'll like watt and I said well just. I didn't want to get specific in heaven argument, but I wanted to kind of it's kind of Miranda warning that what we've done. Maybe you're not gonna like completely I brought up something about the corona virus said that such a big deal the election's going to be about the virus in my view and he said you really think that what about the economy and I said they're related this you know and he said well a little bit. And I said a little bit have said well, no a walk, and then at the end he said looks like I'm not going to get you on this book. I'll get you on the next one. I heard it on sixty minutes here great segment on you and yes this very jovial attempt to say like there might still be light at the end of the tunnel is a very feel revealing aspect of his personality. Yeah please continue. Yeah. So. We hung up it's going to be tough and so long, and then an hour and a half later he tweeted out the Bob Woodward book is going to be fake at least he offered me he didn't tune out he tuned in. Yeah. Okay. Let's walk the first of all I'm reading the book right now I am not finished but I absolutely love it forget whatever interest I had trump himself learning about James Mattis and REX tillerson people didn't really know how they..

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