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The toronto argonauts 27 to 24 win over the calgary stampede irs was right up there both in terms of canadiana and sports watching fun our friend bruce arthur sports columnist for the toronto star was at the game which was played in ottawa he is now in calgary you move fast hey bruce gentleman great to talk to you before we get the shin i of twain sleddogs and mounties let's talk about the game because the game was actually really exciting game and it reminded me how entertaining and wide open 3 down passhappy canadian football can be i think the second play from scrimmage that i saw was a 100yard touchdown pass this was a good game yeah it was a strange game which is look some snow games are are pure comedy the pure farce that you just watch them in and you laugh for a few hours but in no great football actually gets played this one have the snow and had all the funny things go along with snow before we get to show and then it had some plays in it like the 100yard catch that's the longest touchdown pass in greek cup history and that was that was incredible perfect pass fervor catch everything and then the play that truly turned the game was a hundred and nine yard fumble return at a point in the game where you figured calgary was calgary saint peter's in the toronto argonauts who are the underdogs were calgary was driving to put the hammer down and all of a sudden the game change this like argonauts flares after the game after they won twenty seven twenty four looking up at the scoreboard and going i don't know how we did that and any time you can get that plus it it was a very canadian game in that like the last five minutes use those last two or three minutes.

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