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Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by associated supply company incorporated and topping Austin's news. If you're just waking up what you're waking up to, maybe something you've never seen before. In central Texas. Ah, thick blanket of snow, six inches arm or deep in some parts of the city and lying just below that snow on the roads is a sheet of ice and all combined. It's left Austin area roadways pretty much impossible for most people. Even first responders are struggling out there this morning. So today is definitely not the day to be out. If you don't need to be out, the meteorologists are predicting that the weather here in central Texas will be at its worst today and tonight. So, says Zach you weather meteorologist Dave Samuel. He expects the temperatures to hit new lows tonight Picture of Minnesota, North Dakota on a normal day in winter, and this is of what we have in our backyard. Unfortunately, Samuel says today will be one of the coldest days in at least three decades and wars folks to take this seriously with current high hovered around 22 degrees. He adds. Another winner wave is expected around Wednesday and that we should start to heat up into the fifties by the weekend. John Cooley News radio K O B. J about the city of Austin and Travis County have issued a local state of disaster. The issue has been placed on the Austin Council's agenda, saying it's in response to concerns related to imminent threat of widespread and severe property damage, injury and loss of life due to prolong freezing temperatures. Heavy snow and freezing rain. Both Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Travis County Judge Andy Brown have made that declaration. But if you are among those who absolutely must, for whatever reason beyond on the roadways today, keep in mind that the central Texas Regional Mobility.

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