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Billiards he says i love trump he put that on he lost millions he had a nervous breakdown there i think he's still in the midst of it because he what happening still happening what on tmz in a stream of consciousness rant talked about everything said four hundred years of slavery he said that sounds like a choice to me what maxine waters dan you know maxine waters the congressman yes african american congressman she's h trump she said connie speaks out of turn we like him but sometimes he speaks out of turn somebody's gotta talk to cobb county i was losing his mind tmz when you hear about slavery for four hundred years for four hundred years that sound like a choice like he was there for four hundred years and it's all of y'all you know like it's like we're we're mentally imprison i like to wear prison because flavor he goes to to direct to the idea of blacks is like slavery holocaust holocaust skews slavery is blacks so prison is something that unites us is one race blacks and whites being one rate dead really do i agree with maxine waters maxine is right with this one cartier's talking out of turn somebody oughta talk to that guy this reality has been forced upon us it is a choice just like when i said slavery is a choice the reality we can make our own reality we can talk about history but not too long we need to talk about are now because we can fix and start loving each other now i say we have no enemies we don't have enemies black people have a tendency to focus and march when a white person kills a black person or wears a hat but when it's seven hundred kids being killed in chicago it's old chain all right okay dead he said he got over the nervous breakdown it they can just had another one over there on tmz when we come back at the third leg of the stool trump's doctor dr any boombats that's not as name herald bornstein did gene looks like dr young frankenstein you'd find him in central casting this guy he looks like young frankenstein that's fine can stein trump's doctor is in the news this is old doctor he didn't take into the white house that we know why got the wrong doctor you know my doctor dr vinnie boom by dr we assume last week.

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