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Wants four one four two oh three eighty one hundred the traffic and weather together on the test under the laws of god WTMJ palette of you why dot com W. T. M. J. five day forecast tonight partly cloudy and breezy below twenty eight degrees tomorrow partly cloudy a high of thirty seven Thursday mostly cloudy high of thirty eight Friday mostly sunny high of thirty two Saturday mostly sunny high of thirty eight degrees in Waukesha it's thirty nine in Milwaukee little chilly but sunny and pleasant it's thirty eight degrees informative entertaining Wisconsin's afternoon news on WTMJ all right so we have Black Friday we had small business Saturday we all caught our breath on Sunday we had cyber Monday that's a lot of shots it is a lot of shopping and to the today giving Tuesday yes so this started about a decade ago it's giving Tuesday and some interesting numbers Americans give more than one billion dollars a day to charities and I read a study from an international terrible organization that says America is by far the most generous nation in the world when it comes to charitable giving four hundred and ten billion dollars was given to charity in twenty seventeen that's hard even wrap your arms around right here's this numbers are easier to relate to the average American in a given year gives one thousand fifty dollars to charity that's a lot the average household gives two thousand thirty dollars a year to charity that's a lot of money just half over half of American households fifty five percent donated something to charity you know it's interesting it is I don't remember how much I've given to charity because when you're at the cash register and they're like do you want to give two dollars or five dollars I do I just do it and I don't really keep track of it so right yeah on average Americans give two point one percent of their disposable income to charity that's also a pretty big number if you really do the math I mean if somebody makes fifty thousand dollars two percent of that that's that side if you have every American ready give that much so who gets all the money religious organizations receive nearly one in three dollars day by car get the most so they count if you give to the plate at your church are you donate regularly fill out an envelope that's a third of all charitable donations go to churches education.

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