Garcia, San Francisco, President Trump discussed on Morning Edition


Of cloth didn't know what it was an as he was on wrapping it trying to figure out what was in his hands it fired the bullet ricocheted about twelve feet from where he was sitting and travelled another seventy eight feet fatally striking catherine styling in so just to be cleared both the defence and the prosecution in agree on the fact that this was not is our authors gun it wasn't all right summaries of the sounds very complicated before we even get into the politics of it i'm but what at sort of another layer of not just complication but politics to this is the fact that garcia has are is and undocumented immigrants and the fact that he had been in san francisco go jail until a couple of months before this shooting occurred really became his rallying cry for people including president donald trump and other people who are kind of anti immigration we actually have tape of president trump invoking this here at us you know cake magnificent cake shot in the back by and killed in san francisco sanctuary city keebli i have property in san francisco i own a big chunk of the bank of america building can you believe it the whole thing with illegal immigration and crime it it's far worse than anybody in this room understands far worse so again the the facts are very messy the political facts of us are very musseuw's we listen to president trump there and there's a lot of myths morita surrounding this case so here's what we know about this guy and sort of what happened leading up to the shooting he had been in federal prison for five years when he was released the federal bureau prisons did something they have never done before instead of calling immigration and customs enforcement another arm of the federal government they picked up the phone and called san francisco and.

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