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I know but i will be mike in salem our thinking about being good ongoing gordon trying to make the world today program from the role whitney i should you feel like what you say that you are going to give it you don't ever really gonna either we care about you felt like wet who i can do that well yeah yes mike my can't we it'd be good i know but you i don't feel can do that either right try a seriously it is with this gun thing you know what i think i think chances are i probably won't get shot so what the hack and really what difference does it make life that we get an alpha or i mean that if the metaphor like i i do i get upset about a lot of things that i what what am i t written by getting upset when he john mcdevitt better but don't bother no one would known really cares il but you know wet there are some people and you have before we could you have to help me with my book way i dunno i didn't i didn't realize i was going to be helping i i kinda right i'm a bad writer i can't right no no no i mean um you know talk about it and talk about it with new and i think you'll like the idea that it but you will think it through idealistic we'll tell me what is the book say basically or what is it going to say well it in a crack about uh you know what i want to try to go with saving lake and one thing i want to try to do i told you this before i don't know if you'll never buy i want to try to come about by oughta 'cause i can use my money could buy land and create more national park it's a huge endeavor i don't know if i can do it but that's what i want to try and go oh that's good wa but it for a huge endeavour and the people always forming in the way at what people don't want northrop out because national park had the trick this um stick this it's the stick discovery nation not allowed to cut down trees and not allowed to mine so that's what the people who don't like national toxic the current administation it turned to.

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