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The Uber driver is using his. Smartphone for the directions. And it takes him off the freeway in the guy in the back of saying, what are you doing? You know, it's three miles up just keep going, and he said, well, I gotta get back on anyways. They lost five minutes doing that. By the time. He got back onto the freeway cars were all backed up. They came upon an accident of five cars that were demolished in bodies on the freeway all over the place. It could have been them. Yeah. He would have been in the middle of it. Somebody protected him. Somebody took them off the road. Yeah. I think I think this happened Michika Gallini, Pamela. She was similar. She got onto a ramp was an onramp are offering it. But somebody was coming the opposite direction obviously wrong way on this one on one one way ramp and again, no time to respond. Oh my God. I'm I'm dead. And she said, I I don't even have. Time to take the steering wheel. And do anything with it. And she said the steering wheel on its own spun. Right. She said it was like an angel. Somebody just spun it, right? And she said we missed each other. And she just sat there on the side of the road going what on Oahu? Now who makes these sinement though to save the person who does that. Yeah. That's well ultimately God. Ultimately, God is the one who who decides what? And where but a lot of it is our connection a lot of it is up to us and our connection. I find those who are connected those who are kind of in the pipeline of already having experiences and not blowing off things as coincidence. Those guys in a very simple way say you get this one like my birth announcement. Okay. I was on the radio for decades, right? My birth announcement is a baby holding a microphone and and the worst of on the air with a coincidence. Nope. My dad could have taken the one right next to it where the is holding the welding tools, but no I get the microphone. That's not a coincidence. So when you start accepting those kinds of things this isn't a coincidence. That's not a coincidence. Then he gives you another one. And he gives you another one I hear music. It's interesting. I get music. Sapid started happening several years the music you here right now is we're at the top of the hour. So stay with us trapper, Jack, we're gonna come back and take miracle phone calls with you next..

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