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Standard Bowl cleaners don't remove them, and Sharon says that there's pink stains in their toilet, tried everything to get it out. Seal our bleach and so forth. And for both of you, I think I would recommend oxalic acid based cleaner. And my one of my favorites is Bar keeper's friend. You may have noticed Bar keeper's friend Cleanser on King Soopers, another grocery stores, its oxalic acid based and it's so it's a little It's really my favorite oxalic acid is is kind of a weak acid like acetic acid, which is vinegar, But it does a nice job on stains on the toilet. And the secret is, you know you don't wanna scrub too hard, but you use one of those little nylon. Green fabric pads of people used to wash their dishes with and you can get those also in the grocery store and just dump the cleanser in there, Let it sit for I don't know, maybe 20 minutes or so and then get some rubber gloves on and gently scrub that out, And those stains should work loose. So let me know how that goes. But That's one of my favorite products to have around the House, Bar keeper's friend and a ZAY say its prominent and the cleanser aisle at the grocery store, and I think it might work. Nicely for you. There are other acid based products. We used to talk about one. I don't I don't know if it's still available or not walk ins Toilet bowl cleaner. That's a rather strong, acid based product, and it's available is I think maybe not retail may be available. Online on Lee were through distributors. I think that you might check that out also, but I think the bar keeper's friend might be the answer on that. 10. By the way, I wanted to share this with you. I want to visit my My son, my youngest son in Iowa over the holidays, and he has a an older home 19. I think it's 1988 or 89 home with a brand new Nah, via tankless water heater in it, and I and I said, Brian, Well, how do you do You like your water here? What do you think is I've talked about tankless water heaters. Endlessly here on the program, and I wanted to share some of his comments with you after we take the break because they were in and I experienced it because I stayed with him five days and I'll let you know how he and I both feel about tankless water heaters, and I haven't After this experience.

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