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Middleton hi jason good morning i did more turning need how angry brown on his way to china oh my gosh she's on his way to china he's got all kinds of stuff going on there what's he going to be doing and as far as i can only imagine that he knew that the president would be pulling out of the paris agreement lights now i'm sure he's going to have to change the maybe his like opening lines or whatever that he delivers once he gets their yeah it was economic the mission right exist a trade california trades very heavily with china so this is an an annual thing that that every governor pretty much does but i think that he did add climate change to his lead before he gets over there and i got to say no matter where you are on the political spectrum with jerry you've got a lead a pissed off jerry brown right 'cause he really his although you know you know what you just did getting it from jerry you get the firehose whether you wonder not anyway he's a he is use of force and he's good for california at least when it comes to jobs an economy that data does not lie any is great for sound soundbites you are as he is that this was not good bad weather stops these space x launch of that recycle dragon capsule yeah that came because twitter yesterday afternoon he adds to bat but they're pushing it two days it was because a lightning strike happened really close to the pat right only like ten miles away and this is kind of an important one four space x because it's six thousand pounds of supplies and payloads okay that's fine in some of this is tied to ucla experiment that has forty rodents going up and they're gonna be testing bone on building drugs right here's whether it's important to space x space x is next stop hopefully is mars that's what they think right and the deterioration of bone and decalcification across long outer space trips is something is of great concern so this experiment is coming out of ucla with with space.

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