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I also like this this map a pencil doesn't do this the click to do things you and your lunch again operative up right i but you can customize it to do whatever you want right you're a truth i can customize at to stop me from jassem were germany's of woman's lights are going on and off of it and uh will mary del and paul thank you as always a pleasure i feel honoured to get to spend this hour and a half with both of you and and begin my windows journey chechen well good luck richard hail that sentence i get aches but it wasn't i have fun here um so i'll be back next week to a unless you a email and call uh leo in peru and ask him kindly not to have me back folks show our loom widely root of mary joe is there anything else that i you're working on a anything we should point people to that they need to see uh no i mostly working on getting over my jut leg for my trip which is going pretty well some days better than others than to be daughter move the trip i know justin time to go the opposite direction from where i just came so all about microsoft at mary joe fully on twitter paul uh what are you working on upped if i can stomach good because this sunday mileva i might add late do like a live twitter thing for the xbox vent of them i don't want a promise that but i know i'm going to try to oh wait a minute.

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