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Don't hesitate to implement a rescue plan. Number four is think deeply about what could go wrong before taking a significant step in your life. Number five is always way both pros and cons number six risks when some or all the things that you haven't thought of actually happened number. Seven basic risk management is about thinking of possible outcomes and how to mitigate their effects a number eight advanced risk management is about mitigating against the effects that you didn't or couldn't possibly have thought of so. Let's get into. I quote coming from alexander bursting and that is think twice before you decide on major issues if feasible sleep at night in between feel says train and increase awareness of your biases incorrect for these in the face of transverse risks. Dan grandma says to deal with life's risks identified. There is determined the specific characteristic when this risk is occurring and implement your rescue plan without hesitation and joe talk. Non wanna says the best way to deal with risk in life is to contemplate. What can go wrong before you act and peter. Jon emblem says always remember. There are two sides to every coin. Weigh the pros and cons. And i'll wrap it out with a quote from paul. Gambles who said risk management is as much art as science when done properly it as much to do with scenario planning as with formula risks. When some or all things you haven't thought of actually happened. Basic risk management involves thinking of his many different outcomes as possible in mitigating their facts advance risk management involves mitigating effects of all the things that you haven't thought of and couldn't possibly think of woo. That's paul's ending quote so to wrap up these golden nuggets that my guests have shared. Which can help you build. Valuable relationships manage finances personal growth risk management and having awareness to conclude this post. I want to share a quote to live by from.

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