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Tweet we showed and that is diana mentioned part of a series of tweets that were you know he's very well informed on the subject and russell knows what you can and can't accomplish in a collective bargaining situation right todd gurley saying strike for guaranteed contracts but you're not gonna get guaranteed contracts put into a collective bargaining agreement to what was his point you have to you have to go get them yourself kirk cousins got one kirk cousins said to the denver broncos the deals guide to be fully guaranteed or i'm not going and the denver broncos went and signed case keenum and the vikings said okay right and so that that that was a success story nba major league baseball these collective bargaining agreements don't have any provisions that mandate guaranteed contracts it's about a player in an agent once upon a time insisting and then another one insisting and exercising is leverage until that became the norm so the answer to russell's question about you know how do you get guaranteed contracts given the need for them in the nfl is go get him make sure you insist and tell them tell the teams negotiating with you want me this is what it's going to take 'em staring at you because i'm thinking all right there's one person here that actually played the game what are your thoughts you think nfl players deserve guaranteed contracts yeah absolutely of course i'm i'm gonna always advocate for the players but again there's wold and dan has talked about if you want something if you wanna deal like that you have to advocate for yourself to go out and go she ate that those types of deals but again this is a numbers game we're talking about the nba where you know it's four hundred fifty players in the nba whereas the nfl is seventeen hundred players much bigger pool and you talking about a sport that is a very violent collision sport so you gotta understand what the the owners are coming at the same time if we want to guarantee if we're going to go down this path not gonna really be conducive to their business so that's going to be a sticking point you're gonna have to fight over and i don't i don't the high end guys can i think can achieve that it's the gaza's in the middle into the back into roster those are the guys that i don't see them being able to get guaranteed contracts it's it's anybody who can flex some leverage right and i'm looking like look at the rookie deals right how many thirty two first round picks this year in the nfl how many would you think get fully guaranteed deals it's not all thirty two it's twenty to the twenty third pick in the draft isaiah win from the patriots his contract is ninety nine point one one percent guaranteed why why is area win say to the patriots come on you gotta be big nickel and diamond or your first round pick over one percent of the contract you lost to tackles and free agency you want explain to your fans while your number one picks nine and.

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