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I was a kid and you're seeing it. Reboot it on the big screen. It's like sometimes. I feel like you know. Hollywood is is a copycat culture. They want to regurgitate things that have already been done because these are already existing brands that people are familiar with but at the same time i think america is crazy. New content you know which is why places like netflix amazon are crushing it right and now because that's what they're doing. They're giving us new stories new characters new content so hopefully we can get you know eric's deal on the big screen with the new with the new fictional hero out there for for that our kids can watch. It'd be proud of yeah what happens here with a lot of these things sean you. She just regurgitate it. <hes> saint series with definitely better <hes> special special effects and graphics with the story lines are just not up to par the storylines were so much better years ago but the graphics kind of failed if they could just match those two things together i i think they really have something oh totally agree and he knows something that something that i think is really important as well as our kids are couldn't need to be able to clearly differentiate between what's right and what's wrong. You know everything in our culture today. The waters are so muddy k kids with the whole concept of moral relativism. It's like you know it's hard for them to know. I feel like in many ways what's right and what's wrong. You know and i feel like it's our job as parents to help them understand that but we also learned that <hes> what's going in. Whats evil fictional stories and movies. You know when we were growing up like you know when you if you watch disney movies. I'm sure you had if that's his kids. Growing up you watch disney. Movies is in you know safer jeopardy. Watch the lion king or something like that the bad guy in the lion king scar right well who who's the bad guy and finding you know there is no oh bad guy and finding nemo the bad guys like high-concept. It's the journey right. The fathers journey defined the senate and i think that's a lot of the cool story and everything but at the same time our kids are learning through that sort of mainstream entertainment good versus evil. You know it's got sick man. We were growing up. It was like what were the big cartoons back then human and <hes> <hes> thunder cats and hawke's bay cartoon as we had back then joe g._i. Joe good and evil clearly differentiated did right today we don't have that and that concerns me a little bit and so that's also you know again something that i'm trying to put into these books to clear clear if a clear line between good and evil and why it's important for kids to be on the side of good you know yeah definitely any even even the basic things for the kids like another movie coming out with. Tom hanks about about mister rogers and i was showing my kids the preview they they've never heard of mr rogers..

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