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Get a chance to cover these service. Cd's and talked to him about it. He's April combination about modern psychology German military tactics and all sorts of other things together into this management style. Whether is a no fare coach? You know they don't blame the person. They blamed the problem that the nonsense that everything an everything that they do. They just do it better than everybody else. Now if you look at times in how he's aged how he's gone over the last six or seven years it's taken a lot out to them and that's why it's interesting at the moment to see what he's going to do next and how much longer he'll carry on doing this full. Because he's obviously ultra high achiever. But what else does he got left. What else do ambitions contain an? I'm fascinated to see that I think it was very close between him and solve this crisis referencing principle but just the creation the shit depths of of culture. I think he think the only criticism you could probably level types of is that this thing that James Lead to that. He kind of inherited the team in a way that taught didn't up that sent. He also supercharged. Mercedes through the hybrid arena. He's made much more of what is there. He's created this culture as we said of FEHB also have accountability so every employee there is is able to express how they feel about how things are going without fear or favor and they can attack legs. Problems unimproved the fact. They've been able to sustain they rom. Three to significant rule changes over the last few years may not that some precedents is far as we can see and his hit rate of success beyond the fact that he's got the stakes and six compared to five and five. Mercedes one something like ninety two races in seven years with taught at the helm you know. That's that compares to talk winning a ninety nine fourteen years so incredibly efficient in terms of winning and he'll say manages it with the other things you know he's he's good on the politics He's a good front man for the tape. He manages the commercial side. He started that team in a way that makes it not too depending on the parent company. Daimler I it. Sustainability and another key thing is that he's been able to get the most out of historic driver Lewis. Hamilton Lewis is better bathroom better with Taito at the Hellman. Lewis speaks really highly of title. As does James Allison him as the best boss. They've had in foam and that speaks volumes. The other thing about wolf is that he doesn't have a background. As a manager he was an investor many was sheldon Williams. He got the opportunity to become a manager Obviously he's had to his management style in the job from the get-go winning world championships where we'll see John had many many years Managing Persia teams etc etc. Before that and I think that's the most remarkable thing about about such a wolf is he. He told himself to become manager literally whilst winning his also had varied experiences dealing with different types of Dr Relationships. You know you've had the the equal number ones of Rosberg and Louis where you're trying to control to drive coming through championship. Who are totally loggerheads? We each other dealt with the controversies. The Monaco Escape Road Instagram Nikko. The Spanish Grand Prix in two thousand sixteen when the Pack Alighted Subsequent Collisions. He's dealt with a lot but he's also managed to utilize the arrival of protests. The facts made Lewis a bit more comfortable and rather than allowing Louis to back off against your comfort zone and not be a strong. He's actually used it in a way of getting more of Louis had that long winter chat entitles kitchen where they went through their relationship while they fought each other is lifted. Lewis to a new high. And I don't think we've seen Louis better than he is right now if we could put it down to one thing or is it simply a the fact that he seems to hold many skills. But I'm really interested to know if you have to pick one aspect of titleist pass or management style that puts him head and shoulders above the rest. What would that one element Bay is apply colleges? He knows perfectly out to approach the people in a different way and that is a very good quality especially run would have to to what a lot of people every people is different than Eat knows how to approach everything. The best where everybody in the best way and a the same time and other big quality. I think he's able to predict the future so he I think at the moment is the best team brings Because E is able to know before all the rest of the field what is GonNa Happen? This is not a very good quality. For increase to human psychology side. It comes to most of having significant intellectual. He's very very bright like any. He's never satisfied with anything. He's always trying to learn some more senior situations where he's drilling able for information about how they manage this situation. You know the people from op spend time with him. Brian for the event ones the boss of the cycling this one older Toda Francis and he was drilling in for information about how keeps the team on the bubble in always ready to go again so the next year? So the phones. So it's just that relentlessness I think is wall marks out any great in our sport whether you're a driver or MSCI mechanic aura. A Race Engineer. You have to always be seeking mall. They have to always be relented to see looking to improve yourself and everybody around you and I think that's that's that's what it is within. Yeah he says that same trait with Lewis. Hamilton is easy. Well it can happen when you on top you can get complacent Could back-off Jomo talking about this earlier. As well with Ross wig out with the team suddenly off to twenty sixteen Louis could have Perhaps but Louis stays on it. He keeps trying to get better chases as he describes it ghost 'cause when he's out on track and I think Taito is of a similar stock you know he's he's never satisfied even when they winning. He's always looking to improve looking to stay on top and cross the opposition. Is that relentlessness? James said stands in my car and it seems all winners up pretty pleased that they've been placed in the positions on our greatest f one team because once again. We have a message from the winner. Let's take it across to missed a tie wolf. Hi everybody trusted afford. I would like to say thank you to the Motorsport Network. Journalists that have participated in the voting and I must say very Hambo to have been elected the best team principal. When when? I'm looking at all those names Giant and particularly Frank Williams they role models for me shrinks Stamina Andrews. Zillions is incredible and I was able to blog and watch from him was at Williams at the end of the day. We old just figureheads for the team. Every single individual in the team deserves that credit. And this is why I would like to pass on this award. This prize to everybody within Macedo. Swiss had to make races and titles. I'm also very happy to see. Many of my teammates haven't been elected in the top three on medals and bundle to guys who Trends WITH RUSSIA. Very very strong bond as well as royals who have been the Johnny and and of course Lewis who has won the type based tribal as you know Lewis and I are very very close and seeing income out on top so we won the team principal. We've on the driver is great. So thank you very much and again you know the strength of the pack so this is a price for all of US federal budget. Thank you again for the. But I think it's safe to say that our team is in rather good hands and he completes our lineup so we now have paid Bonington. As Race Engineer Adrian newly as chief Designer Stefan Melancholy as sporting director Ross brawn as technical director Sustaining Moss as number two driver Lewis Hamilton. Taking the lead as on the one driver and of course we've talked it all off today with title Wolf as team principal. Good look stopping that lot. I think is safe to say but do you think you could put together a better team than our panel of Global F one experts. That is know your lineup in the comments. Thanks ever so much for joining us on this special series Lookout for more special series coming your way across the motorsport network channels at thank you for joining us. And we'll see next time. Thanks so much for back..

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