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Vladimir zelensky addresses the U.S. Congress will examine the reaction and the latest from within Ukraine. The fallout on neighboring states continues, we'll hear how it's affecting both Sweden and Finland, and then we'll cross to Tbilisi to look at the impact on Georgia. Plus we have witnessed a stampede for the exits by multinational companies long operational in Russia for whom invading some of Ukraine was apparently fine, but invading all of it is apparently not. Moral hypocrisy or commercial sense will look at businesses and the despots that they're willing to deal with. With the latest aviation news and a look through the day's front pages, that's all ahead here on the globalist, live from London. First a look at what else is happening in the news, an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council is set to be held today to address the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, following the increase in shelling on civilian areas in recent days. Two people are dead and over 90 injured following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in northeast Japan, the same region in which the Fukushima nuclear disaster was triggered 11 years ago. And British Iranian national nazanin zaghari ratcliffe has finally returned to the UK and been reunited with her family, having been detained in Iran on the grounds of espionage for the last 6 years. Due stay tuned to Monaco 24 throughout the day for more on those stories. Now is.

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