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They can have increased risk of getting cova because they live in a care center and increased risk more severe disease because they have impaired pulmonary function so it all depends on the situation. Will it says the majority of paralympian are not at a higher risk for co vid still. There are some added systems in place to keep perelman safe for instance. If someone has a visual impairment there will be audio messages and there are stations in the village if someone needs help swabbing for their daily cova test bianca that makes me wonder about guides in personal care. Assistants who accompany paralympic teams. I know organizers are trying to keep low attendance at the games but has impacted staffing numbers. So guides in personal care. Systems are definitely allowed at the paralympics but there are some reports from athletes saying they've been denied requests to bring a personal care assistant because of cova nineteen restrictions on team sizes and paralympic gold. Medallist becca myers who swims for team. Usa says this happened to her and she's actually chosen to withdraw from the games. She says she wouldn't have the support. She needs there and her decision. Got a lot of attention and even prompted. Senator maggie hossan from new hampshire to call out the us and paralympic committee at a senate hearing. This is an outrage and preventable situation. That should never have gotten to this point. I want the us olympic and paralympic committee to work immediately to address this issue. And i want them to ensure that all of our athletes are able to compete safely at this summer's game. I reached out to the olympic committee to learn how the staffing decisions are made and allocated but they didn't reply to my request for comment. The world's bianca hillier has been covering the olympics and paralympics for us. The opening ceremony for the paralympic games is set for tuesday of next week. Bianca thanks so much really appreciate this. Thanks marco a tech scandal is unfolding in germany that involves the ruling political party and a young. I t security researcher at stake criminal consequences. The defense the. It worker in question says she was only trying to do the right thing. After finding a massive security flaw jenny russell reports from berlin. It took twenty five year old lilith whitman. Only a few hours in may to crack. Open the app of germany's ruling party the cd you. They just didn't have any kind of serious security interest in a berlin park. Vitmain reflects one of the biggest discoveries of her career and then all of the fallout party. Campaigners were using cd you connect to gauge public opinion in the run-up to.

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