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Movie on a tablet then sit in a dirty see to eating popcorn that has been touched by myriad hands full of if not covert than rat food and i have an opportunity to have great sound. It's just different. Movie theaters mattered. When you were on a four inch black and white. tv and it wasn't available now. The price of tv's has gone down toward has gone down to. I can explain to myself spending thirty dollars to watch black widow so easily. It didn't even take a second to hit. Go on that movie. Because i wanna be i i want to not wait. I don't wanna go to a theater and it's a movie that interest me now. Will i spent thirty dollars on. Jungle book or jungle cruise with rock. Even though i love emily blunt. Love love love but not enough for thirty dollars to watch the rock. Go down the nile. Speaking of emily blunt she's in a quiet place to in paramount plus is approaching theatrical releases. A little bit different. They all are. Hbo max's decided. We're going to swallow some of the The the lost revenue from jazz being exclusive to the movie theaters especially with titles. That are coming out in the fall. Hopefully when we're getting even better with the vaccination like the matrix reboot and they're just saying if you subscribe to. Hbo max you'll get them for free with hbo. Max subscription for thirty days. And then you'll have to wait a little bit of a period before it comes back economics of that right so they get people to spend ten bucks a month. So you're spending one hundred and twenty dollars a year to get. Hbo max and what you get is in your mind you get all of this catalogue but you also in your mind get. I look at movies without having to go to theater so instead of spending ten dollars at a theater where the studio only gets a portion of that you can actually create your own content. Put it out on your own. Channels and capture all of the revenue. It's a total money grab. It's totally brilliant and it's never gonna change so all cova did is. It made the slope of this change. The angle changed in that. It's all happened. Faster than i suspected a would but this is where the industry was going anyway so we talked about. Hbo max's strategy. We talked about disney plus a strategy which seems to be the market leader right now and how to do this paramount plus as an interesting strategy very quickly after a film has been released in theaters. They weighed about a month and then it gets released on paramount. Plus which is why quiet place. Most people listening to this right now. Probably don't know that the sequel to a quiet places available if you subscribe to paramount plus what you think that strategy will. There's also movies down paramount plus the new mark wahlberg movie. I watched and reviewed on nothing personal. That cannot remember for the life of me what it was called but it was totally insist should just be called the new mark wahlberg movie because it's all that matters when they hide your mother for wouldn't it be great if that were the title to movies just the new keanu reeves movie. Don't even know the name. Yeah by the way there's a new nicholas cage movie. That is getting legitimate praise. He dropped out of tiger king amazon and he dropped out of tiger king because it was a movie of the moment and he doesn't want to do it anymore. There was an interesting g. q. Article written truffle pig though right it's called pig. Yeah where he plays like a portland area chef that has decided to move back to the simple life. Andy's a truffle farmer in someone takes his beloved pig. It kind of feels like mandy like oh. This is eccentric and i loved mandy because i was maximum cage. But this is a little understated for nicholas cage and only a couple of to build up stick crescendo. And he is getting some legitimate oscar. Buzz oh no round. There's no okay. Though i heard a rumour and i don't know whether it's true but maybe you guys do that. Nicholas cage has announced that he is purchasing every single pig in the united states. What that's what. I heard that has to be faked. It's not only fake news. I don't know why he would do that. It's a terrible joke. it's dead now. I have to explain the joke. Nicholas cage is famous when he gets involved in projects. He buys all these crazy things with his money. Whether it's castles or cars t rex artifacts t rex bones. Any goes broke. Which is why you can't name a movie. The nicholas cage movie. Because there's so many movies that you have to be more specific. But i guess if i had to explain it it's not funny. It's not one last thing on black widow. I came away with. It really surprised that i enjoyed it so much because it really into that character. The really wasn't much to the character. Scarlett johansson had a quote to the effect of. I was basically in the avengers movies as i candy to which i said scarlet. Have you seen chris hemsworth. Have you seen captain america's ass. No there was. I gain in that movie. You were tertiary part of that for me. She had this solo movie kinda solan from her. I felt because he on samba cast was so strong and obviously because of what happened to the black widow character. Being this movie is set in the past and there really isn't a future for her character. If you've seen endgame it kind of seems like the spin off characters are going to go off on their own story arc. So i kind of felt like black widows movie was so out from under samson saying the black widow can get reborn like. That's it sampson. Such a sucker for scarlett johansson. That he's not gonna let anyone take her movie like that. I don't i don't even know if he has interest in this genre he's just got interest. This should have been called for him. The latest scarlett johansson movie. I admit it and by the way. I admitted proudly her and i hate colin. What's his name. Joe street respecting expect. Not really congratulations to the happy couple. Thirty nine hundred. I a shots she is she is expecting. I believe i saw someone. Call them. America's royal family and like. What are we doing. Jerry did you see. Prince william era up the the the son of princess diana. Who's the guy who's going to be king. Charles william yeah. Did you see him. At the end of the italy. Italian i saw i saw funny meme that was The royal family holding their small child and is and it said like this is what it looked like. When bruce wayne's parents left the theater you looked happy. I mean i get a family member pass away. And he's got frame of reference sally for that. I love sports. And i love the feeling the emotion and that's what drives the revenue and drives the asset valuations. But i was looking at that. And i was thinking man..

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