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Thank you for helping me through the absolute darkest and most lonely time of my life I was suffering severe workplace sexual harassment when I found the podcast two years ago. Your bad ass riot, girl, attitudes and humor have inspired me to fuck politeness and get justice for my harassment. Go to therapy and to kick off my comedy career I hope we can cross pass someday a Oh. My God, that's incredible. Yeah Wow, yeah! Well well done God asks. This runs in your family. It sounds like yeah, okay. This is grandma's near Miss with a double murderer. Hi To my honorary big sisters. The world is ending. Donate to black lives matter. That's how it starts, then says my grandmother grew up in Springfield. Vermont Springfield was the quintessential Vermont town where everyone everyone and cows outnumbered humans. My Grandmother told me that as a as children. She and her sisters often slept on their front porch at night to avoid the summer heat. This was really a testament to the trust in the neighborhood. Because there was no lock in the screen door of the porch, it was one such summer day in nineteen fifty, two that two convicted murderers broke out of Windsor prison. Fifteen miles north of Springfield. Their names were Donald Dewey. And, Francis Blair, they rammed a prison laundry truck into the gate, surrounding the correctional facility escaped on foot to MAG was in prison for a previous murder and Blair was his accomplice. They fled through the woods of Vermont to Springfield and emerged from the forest. Right next to my grandmother's home. This human entered the home of my grandmother's neighbors and family friends the weather ups. Dimaggio and Blair beat Elizabeth. DEMAG and my God demand and Blair beat Elizabeth weather up and her husband with a lead pipe while attempting to rob them, Elizabeth succumbed her injuries, and tragically passed away to Megan Blair were apprehended and sentenced to the electric chair in February of Nineteen fifty three. The two men became the last to ever be put to death in the state of Vermont. It shows me to think of what those men could have done to my grandmother and her family, and it serves as a reminder that life is fleeting, also a good reminder to put a fucking lock on your porch, Maria thanks for everything y'all Queens Grace. Wow just homebuilding on little girls sleeping on the. Porch. Yeah, that's crazy. That's that's so creepy. hellofresh America's number. One meal kit offers fresh. Ingredients every week for a super flavorful experience that will help you break out of your recipe Rut it lets you skip trips to the grocery store, and it makes home cooking fun easy affordable with hellofresh. 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