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So? That's on means it's time for our final segment which is laughing round. It's like a lightning round, but because it's comedy, it's a round. So short questions later questions I promise, you Do you ever favorite? Joke like a street. A favorite joke. Chris Rock. says. Excuse me I was wondering. Is it possible? Everytime yeah. Do you have a joke that you kept on trying, but never worked, and but you think maybe the audience was wrong, and you'll always think it's funny. You South Ryan. man if I did I had it out of my memory, actually no way there was a joke that I thought was funny, and it was it was. It was not and actually use it one time at a request from a friend and the audience. Let me know like no. You lied to me I thought it was funny I've. Never again I won't say. I wouldn't use that dope again. Won't even say what it is. Not? Even. At the top of the season of insecure, my colleague harassed ranked every man on insecure for those who haven't read it. Number one was L-, Thug Yoda number two was jared number three years Andrew, and in last place beyond Scott Foley as a slave owner du Nord was dro. Did you see this list? What what do you think about? What did you think about it? What do you think about it? I saw this list was. Comic. Gold at it's fine I was just like who is this magical humid that has gone through the trouble of breaking all of them and I love the criteria and then was like. Let me go back on his one criteria because also. We had this one guy in the scene. Yeah no I saw I saw I think, but Yoda is perfect, because the as number one he is, he's he's been consistent throughout all four seasons. He is like I. Think this visa. I'm not afraid to be myself I will never use. Words. He's great. And how do you feel about you? Drill being last place, Josephine. Eve. Joe's definitely be the last lady I am. I agree She gets the award for getting right absolutely. She'll be very pleased. There's a last question which is barely a question which is this interview is taking place before the finale of insecure has aired, but we'll. The interview will come out after it has aired so without telling me what happens. What is your answer to how you felt about what you learned? What happens does that make? Way What. Reverse psychology or trying to tell you what happened. Yes all right, so let me try explained against. This interview as you know, it's happening before the finale airs and press has not seen it, but the interview will come out after the finale aired so everyone listening will have watched the finale, so to those people these future us. What do you, WanNa say about the finale? What would your reaction to be? What do you feel like? You want to communicate to these people I will say we needed everything that happen. This season in order to get us to this moment. Perfect! Perfect. Perfect bag to this. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for answers. Is this was fantastic? Thank you. God, bless you.

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